Fighters who utilize certain unorthodox styles effectively?


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Jun 2, 2011
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Machida comes to mind with his elusive modified Karate stance..
cruz....his style is pretty difficult for opponents to get into a rhythm
Ebersole's stand-up is best described as Goofy Fu.
Anderson Silva's movements are like water, and GSP makes some very good decisions in the Octagon
cruz....his style is pretty difficult for opponents to get into a rhythm

This dude changes levels more than an elevator.

I was going to say Jardine, but then I re-read the topic and you mentioned 'effectively'.
Jones has been highly effective with unorthodox strikes/technique.
Jones, Cruz, Anderson, Guida, Faber back in the days.
Pettis and his off the cage attacks are incredible.

Obviously lyoto and Anderson are up there. So is Kikuno

I don't think that jones style is that unorthodox anymore.
Might Mouse has some unorthodox movements with all that jumping around and shit
Machida, obviously, but Bendo also comes to mind. And I think the Diaz brother's style is unorthodox for MMA. It reminds me of the old bareknuckle boxing style.
Ebersole, i like to see the guy fighting surprise little box, There was a fight that him kept strikibg some wrestler guy with punches in the back of te knee!! rsrsrs i loled
Chris Leben he doesn't fight like a brawler... he fights worse but has managed to get a ton of wins. like a leonard garcia who actually takes your head off.