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fighter most likely to.......

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by grecobjj, May 24, 2014.

  1. grecobjj Purple Belt

    Mar 3, 2014
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    in a house
    dethrone current champion in each weightclass. first topic was inspired by another thread concerning champions weaknesses(credit due)
    so who do you think is the biggest threat or could dethrone each of the individual champs?
    Im going with:
    hw-werdum...........werdums striking is multi faceted(he uses a kickboxing attack as opposed to cains boxing centric style) werdum has a 3inch height advantage/ has better footwork/really underrated power/ and a solid beard(hes only been ko'd once in 24 fights....that was over 5 yrs ago)......cains striking is helped a lot by the threat of the td(what happens when his opp. doesn't care about operating from his guard?)
    ......grappling wise I think its a shutout....cain has the obvious wrestling edge(although I can see werdum pulling/jumping guard if hes pressed against the cage).....when it hits the mat its basically what you think is gonna be more effective gnp or submissions(personally think the guy with sub wins over big nog, fedor, overeem, fedors psycho brother, and tom Erickson has the edge, I also think cains gnp is gonna open up a lot of possibilities)

    lhw- gonna be really unpopular but I don't see many....if pressed id say gus, simply from the success he had last time, his edge in footwork, and the fact that he can match or nearly match the height and reach of jones

    mw-im going with jacare......in jacare im seeing a better version of Weidman....chis has got good grappling, jac has better, chris's wrestling is canceled by jacs judo bb.....jac is way ahead bjj wise
    ...striking wise theyre both power types with solid chins(chris has a slight edge)
    ....jacare has gone 25 mins and his cardio is more proven than weidmans

    ww-i cant believe im actually typing it(his "fans" are unarguably the most annoying) but.......an inshape......and motivated....nick diaz is a bad matchup......diaz has a solid chin, the volume/pressure style to sap Hendricks cardio standing
    ...grappling diaz would test Hendricks sub defense from either top or guard
    ....Hendricks has a mighty fight iq/gameplanning/not a dumbfuck edge tho

    lw-melendez is my choice.....I think he pushes pettis up against the cage and dirty boxes him to death/walls and stalls....Melendez is the more experienced, and there wont be any pressure on him/a really fcking underrated chin,hes never been ko'd(that's against guys like thomson3xs/crusher/masdival)/has a wrestling advantage/and has shown the cardio to go 25mins multiple times.......Melendez's striking defense isn't appreciated as much as it should be

    fw- like lhw I really don't see many......for that reason im gonna go with a long shot McGregor......conor can match jose size wise(they both cut a ton of weight)....striking wise would feel comfortable neither has ever been ko'd.....conor has slight reach and height advantages/fights southpaw which is always an advantage/ has pretty damn good power(12ko's in 14 fights...jose has 14 in 24)......grappling id give to jose slightly(credentials are there,but he never uses them in mma)....don't think McGregor is as bad as ppl wanna believe(hes only been subbed twice(jose has 1 sub loss too) and the last time was 4years ago)

    bw- my heart says d. cruz but hes been out so long, and is coming off so many injuries that I think its an unreasonable expectation....so im gonna pick another long shot....takeya mizagagi-solid chin/heavy hands/lot of experience/hes got a hunto big country chin/good sub def
    .....could be interesting( I think he could take it the distance:D)
    flyw-ian McCall is a safe bet.....striking is equal if not better than mm/solid chin(never been ko'd)/good cardio/underrated bjj(dudes got subbed...once......at bw......almost10yrs ago..) if he comes in with a good gameplan hes got the best chance....cant give away early rounds

    wbw-same as fw and lhw..just don't see much competition....different than the other two is I really cant picture anyone currently in the division winning

    you guys think of he other legit threats? and why are they?
  2. Estudante Brown Belt

    Mar 7, 2014
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    nick would get outwrestled easy by hendricks
  3. FenoxSky Brown Belt

    Jan 1, 2013
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    Hendricks is not a wizard of top control though (GSP used some really advanced stuff to play it safe when taking Nick down), Nick could turn the ground game into scrambles Johny wants no part of. He probably has an obscene strength advantage to help him though.

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