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Fighter Bashing

John Creed

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Oct 4, 2005
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JuJitYou should be banned for fighter bashing, or at least given dubs. Why is he allowed to start a thread on how much he hates a fighter as if anyone should care? It has NOTHING to do with 'Pages ability as a fighter and is bashing just for the sake of bashing.

He needs to be penalized.

edit: I know there is a difference between "bashing" and "criticism" but these quotes are examples of bashing, in my opinion...

"I think out of the ring the guy is an asshole and I have felt this way for a long time."

Calling a fighter an asshole is not criticism. If this was an off-handed comment in the middle of a post it could be ignored but does he really need to start a thread for the sole purpose of calling Rampage an asshole?
Uh, no dude, that video of Rampage walking around Japan is old. The one where he steals the guys hat and only gives it back to him after he makes the guy say "I am a ***got," and stuff. Everyone's seen that shit, it's on youtube, googlevideo, etc.