Fight That Would Have Been the 1st WMMA Match in UFC


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Mar 10, 2008
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Couldn't find the actual article, just copy/pastes of it . . .


MMAWEEKLY.COM - The first women's match in the UFC Octagon looks to be closer than most people might think. MMAWeekly has learned that the UFC has had preliminary talks with Shelby Walker and Erica Montoya for a possible fight at UFC 51 in Japan. There have been rumors surrounding the two female fighters about the possibility of a fight and it looks as though it could happen in Japan.

MMAWeekly Radio will talk with Walker today about the possibility of the fight and how she feels about having the possilibilty of becoming the first woman fighter ever to enter the Octagon.

If the fight does take place it will most likely be as a preliminary fight as then the UFC could air the fight later on the telecast if it turns out to be a good fight. If the fight lacks the luster then it would be a preliminary dark match, meaning the pay per view crowd would most likely not see it. As of right now, no contracts have been signed as of yet, but they continue to tlak with both fighter about the possibililty of the first women's fight ever in the UFC Octagon.

It of course didn't happen. That UFC also didn't take place in Japan, but in Vegas.

Now that we are about to actually witness the first WMMA match in the UFC, it's cool to reflect on what was almost the first UFC WMMA match some 8 years ago!
The world and even MMA community wouldn't have been ready for WMMA in 2005. Wasn't TUF just about to end its first season?

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the public reacts after Rhonda steps into the UFC spotlight.
What perfect timing! I was just talking about Montoya being in that video game UFC Sudden Impact! Does anyone else remember this? Lol
i remember seeing erica at a weigh in for superbrawl in hawaii and thought who is this nice looking girl at the fighters table with chris brennan. during the press conference i found out she was fighting a tough looking girl from hawaii named beta young who i've seen fight before. i was certain that erica was going to get her assed kicked and felt a sorry for her, beta fights like a man. when their fight started erica had a timid looking stance while beta looked like a muay thai fighter. then the fight started and erica kicked ass and won, i forgot how. a couple months later as we were in vegas for the first ortiz/shamrock fight, we met erica's dad on the rent a car shuttle bus and he told us that erica was there because she will be fighting for the ufc......
Erica Montoya is 28 now and retired after a defeat against Fujii.

On 13 April 2002, "HOOKnSHOOT presented MMA's first EVER sanctioned women's MMA event in the U.S.," which featured an only 17 years old Montoya in the first bout.[4] On 14 November 2003 at Shooto: Warrior Spirit Evolution held in Las Vegas, Nevada, "minutes prior to what would have been the first sanctioned women`s MMA bout in Nevada, Jamie Lyn fell down the escalator dislocating her shoulder and was screaming in pain, forcing the doctors to scrap her bout with Erica Montoya."

Shelby Walker passed away in 2006.
Shelby Walker is dead. RIP to her. Crazy to think about.
Kath Long would have been pre-zuffa but America was not ready for a woman mma fighter. And according to Sherdog, America may still not be ready.
She (Shelby Walker) was engaged to Denis Kang. Wasn't his fall around the time of her death? That would explain something. Kang didn't look the same after Pride.
He was on a 20+ fight winning streak until it happened. Was never the same.

She (Shelby Walker) was engaged to Denis Kang. Wasn't his fall around the time of her death? That would explain something. Kang didn't look the same after Pride.
Wow, it's amazing this is being posted, because if I'm not mistaken, she died (RIP) of a pain pill OD, and I just finished watching "The Smashing Machine", who, for those that don't know, feature a past great who got addicted to pain pills and OD'd...(he lived though)
Is Erica Montoya's age right? Sherdog has her dob as 20th Dec '84 meaning she was 14 when she made her pro debut?!