fight finder... add weight faught at and title fight


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Jul 29, 2006
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again this is my 4th time trying to post this. each time hasnt worked. anyhoo. i think it would help if on the fight finder for each fighter and there fight it said what weight they faught at. matt hughes is a godo example he just faugt 174 against alves and fought royce at the catch weight. then other people have fought all over like bj penn. hes faught from light weight to heavy weight. it would realy help when ur picking fights for fantisy or some people who bet.

the other thing is to add a part if the fight was for a title. some people chock in titles fights like gsp he got supper nervious he said first time against hughes and then when he defended for the first time against matt serra. and other people train harder for them fight differently. ie tim sylva he went on all descisions when he defended the titles in his last stint as champ. that and again it will help with picking for fantisy and those who bet. if you could add this it would be awsome. thanks.
I agree with the TS. That would be a nice addition to fight finder.