few points for the heavy weight division nowadays

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by densun, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Dec 29, 2012
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    Tell me what you guys think

    1. Lack of fundamental, which is the cardio.
    Among the top fighter in HW, no one has good cardio. Maybe Cormier has it, but please do not tell me that Cain is a cardio freak no more. He gassed after the 3rd round today. Fedor vs CC and Nog...that was real HW cardio.

    2. One dimensional.
    No one is well rounded. No fighter can finish or dominate stand up or on the ground like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, GSP and Fedor did. Stop telling me JDS has a whatever BJJ belt and Cain has a good stand up game. JDS got owned once taken to the ground and what Cain did tonight standing up was NOT impressive, just normal HW stand up fight.

    Finally, do not get me wrong, I respect all these fighters. Especially JDS and Cain tonight. JDS fought like a warrior and Cain was giving it all to JDS.

    I am just complaining that being one of the major divisions historically, HW nowadays lack a character and dominance. We have GSP in the WW, Anderson in the MW and Jon in the LHW. Also, I feel Benson and Also are almost there at the LW and FW.

    I miss the HW when Fedor was 100%. Fedor vs Nog and Fedor ve CC were gold.
  2. JohnBergman85

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    1. Any fighter would have gassed after pushing a pace like that, especially against someone strong and quick like JDS.

    2. What he did was impressive. He out struck a world class striker, the same guy who out struck other great strikers. If that's not impressive then I don't know what it.

    HW is becoming one of the deepest divisions in the UFC(At least IMO), especially now that Strikeforce is folding.

    I loved Pride too but, it is gone. Deal with it
  3. kaufman03

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    i agree they are not fedor level but if you see cro cop as a legend then there are a lot of legends in hw division now.

    there was fedor and thats all, rest of the fighters were no different than nowadays
  4. chaoticmayhem

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    Nov 16, 2011
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    Wasn't impressive. Nobody pays to see 2 guys gassing out by the 3rd round of a 5 round championship fight. Started to feel sorry for the both of them towards the end. Just wanted to stop the fight and let them take a nap or something.

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