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Favorite Teacher From Middle School Died Today


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Jan 15, 2011
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In 6th grade, I had the coolest science teacher in the world. In his 20s, super down to earth, always gave us tons of free time, almost made assignments fun and joked around with us.mhe didn't treat us as just students, but as individuals and made us all feel important. He was in a car accident with his two young daughters two days before Christmas. He had massive swelling around the brain and severe brains damage. He died today. I'm a junior in high school now and It just makes me look back and see how great of a man he was and how life is sometimes cut to short. So Mayberry, let's here some of your favorite teacher stories?
My 9th grade English teacher came to class way too high and everyone fucked with him. I think he was a new smoker. I'm pretty sure he was smoking with the janitor, thats who I use to smoke with.
Sorry to hear that man. Not gonna lie, I'd be devastated if my second grade teacher passed away.
My favorite was my 5th grade teacher. For some reason we just clicked and talked about movies during break time.

I added her on FB recently and she accepted. I messaged for a meet up just to catch up on old times but she never responded back.

I had a cool match teacher in high school, I think for algebra 2. He gave me shit for missing a day to watch Phantom Menace and called me out in front of the class. For some reason, he didn't seem that cool back in the days but thinking about it, that's one dude I can hang out with.
I didn't start a thread on it but I guess this is appropriate then.

I just found out the other day my Strength and Conditioning teacher / Linebacker Coach from High School just passed away.

Made me really sad, he was my favorite coach and just an awesome man. Put it this way, even when me and my brother were out of HS, and just my little sis was there, my mom would still wait in line at his table at teacher parent conferences just to say hi to him. A great guy.

Really sorry to hear about yours TS. My dad is a Middle School science teacher.
Sorry to hear... that's terrible.

With that said, MMM Mrs. Gonzalez from 8th grade math... I hated math, so thank goodness I had a hot, busty, sexy latina for a teacher.
Sorry for your loss, TS.

It's always refreshing to have a teacher/professor who is truly passionate about what he or she is doing. They are the ones who will make a positive difference in your life. It sounds like your teacher was one of those people. Keep him alive by treating people the way he treated you guys.
I had a really cool p6 teacher, would do everything for us. He died of cancer. At the time we didn't know, but he would keep turning up with less and less hair, then I got told he died. We had no idea. The good die young, rip Mr McClenagan.
My sophomore year in high school, I had an English teacher in her early 30's that was just gorgeous. There were a few times in her class where I would daydream of her asking me to stay after class for a moment with me ending up getting some.

It didn't help that her name was Ms. Wood.

If we're talking actual favorite teachers though, my 8th grade History teacher, his name is Mr. Downey. Within the first week of school I got along with the guy. I'd go to his room during study halls and lunch just to talk movies/sports/current events/life in general. He was a great guy and gave me a lot of good advice.
Love that everyone has a memorable teacher here!
Love that everyone has a memorable teacher here!

Everyone should have a good number of memorable ones. I had a few that I hated at the time, but looking back I realize they were right when they told me what I hated hearing. Then there were the teachers that weren't favorites, but still cool enough to have memories of. Finally, there are those teachers that you just remember forever; like the one you mentioned in your original post.
I'm a junior in college and looking back at school, mainly middle and high school, it's really sad how bad kids treated teachers. The worst part is I went to a private school, and kids had it figured out that since their parents pay ten thousand a year to the school they can get them to complain to the administration and have teachers fired.

My senior year I took a chemistry class that was really difficult and the teacher was hated by everyone at the school just because his class was hard. Basically, he wanted us to actually learn material and retain the information instead of just teaching shortcuts to solve problems. He was brilliant, and really helpfully if you just asked for help. He stayed after school a lot to help me, plus let me come for help during study hall. I did pretty well, even though I hated chemistry. But, a lot of people didn't do well and had their parents complain. He was fired a month or so into the next school year.

Sorry for being a little off-topic.