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Feb 22, 2005
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What model are your favourite ear guards? I just got my ear drained and have this compress stitched in now, and i guess my ear will hurt a lot when i get it removed. So i need a pair of good ear guards. I have tried some but haven
Get some Brute earguards. They have a whole range of them from basic ones to olympic quality.

Duct taping your ears... not a good idea.
I have an old basic pair I got about two years ago, I don't think they even make them anymore since they totally redesigned their product line in 2004 in the run up to the Olympics.

The closest I can find that resemble the Brute ones I have are these Asics ones:


I don't think Brute even make the pair I have anymore. Those new Shockwave ones look pretty nice though. I may get a pair myself, they look to have only the chin strap so I'd go with them if you want to avoid having to adjust straps that may get caught up in your hair and cause problems tightening up.
I have a pair of asics (they belong to Ethan Day, anyone know him, let me know :p ). They suck and I think the modell have been recalled :/.
I've used 2 different Brutes and CK Tornados and i can tell you that the CK tornados are by far the best i've used, easy to hear people and nice and light - they're worth the extra $10 or whatever it is you might pay for them
That sucks.

I'm looking aroud at various sites and these Shockwaves are about $20 and look a lot more comfortable than all the gimmicked strappy ones about... however doesn't look like they have a UK merchant so I guess it's international shipping for me.

Terrier, you mean these?


Still a lot of straps on that.
The shockwaves look kind of cool but i dont like that you only have 2 straps too adjust. Im also intrested to hear more about the CK ones.
Those are the ones superbeast - the staps arn't important, i've never used headgear without that setup so it's just not something i worry about - they work well and keep the guards in place better than the halos i'm told. From what I understand the CK tornados have almost become the standard headgear for college wrestlers in the US these days - that in itself says something.

Setting up the straps i a pain in the arse for 15 mins when you first get them as you get the perfect fit for your head - after that you never really worry about it again and just take off the chin strap to take them on/off (which is done with a popper button so you don't even need to adjust that once you've got it to the right fit. as for them getting your hair caught in this has never happened to me once (and i'm bad for getting my hair cut so it can get quite long at times).

And happy camper anything you want to ask me i'll be happy to answer.

I got mine from www.jrwrestling.com
The best head gear are the cliff keen tornado's. They breathe well, and have great protection. It also doenst hurt that they look cool.
Anyone who knows a place one can buy the tornados that have international shipping?
Happy camper jrwrestling shipped to me in the UK from the states.
Thanks Terrier. First i spent some hours looking for a retailer but i have placed my order now.
i'm partial to brutes. everything else kinda sucks compared.
the asics ones do suck. the strap cuts the shit out of me. i threw it out.
I have placed an order for the tornados at jrwrestling.com. The only bad thing is that they have not confirmed my order or charged me yet. I can still see my order there if I logon to the homepage.
they're usually quick to answer emails so if your worried just send one over
I have emailed them. Its was only 2 days ago so im not that worried yet. Just want my headgear fast so that i dont have to get my ears fixed again.
Jrwrestling sucks monkey ass. I placed my order last sunday and it still says "order pending" I have tried emailing them 3 times without any reply.

Edit. Jrwrestling have sent my stuff now. 5 days for sending my order and replying to my email is still kind of bad.