fatty's decree: Win or I'll use your skull as a cereal bowl.


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Nov 20, 2005
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This is where the magic happens. Team members, please introduce yourself

fatty (435 ATG oly): +20
Zero (425): +0
zop (295): +30
blakethemus (300): +20
flak (275): +0
joshetc (275): +60
freeman (325): +65
Socratic (225): +75
berserker (418): +17
Trinitron (330): +0
MeatPlow (455 oly): +0

Team Total: +267
Hi my name is zop.
Hi, I'm flak.

I am old, I prattle on incessantly about stupid, loud music, and I am ready to squat like I've never squatted before. Seriously.
So I've got a pink belt and a Zac Efron fan. Fucking wonderful.
Hi, my name is Zero. I have injured my leg and probably won't be squatted for 1-2 weeks.

Anyways here's what I got.

I'm at a solid 295 with good form.

My goal is going to be 385.

So I'm looking at a 90 lb improvement. We should calculate our expected improvements to see how we compare expectedly to other teams. In case we need to step it up or something.
what's up team i'm ready to squat

any suggestions for summer squat routines? i'm thinking smolov possibly?
I haven't tried to max out on squats since last fall, when I did 275. Been working a lot on form, starting to squat heavier again. Recently started doing T3 for squats.

I'm confident I can add 40 lbs. during this comp and hit 315. I'll be aiming to add 80 lbs., though.
I'm using my ATG oly, which is currently 435. If I'm not at 495 by the end of this, I'll put a bullet in my skull.

I plan to get there w/ front squats, almost exclusively. I bailed a 385 front yesterday, but it felt doable in the near future.
I hit 365 last week and failed on 405 although it felt easy. I'm going to be doing a lot of core work and walk outs. i'll start squatting again either next week or the week after.
Hi all I'm Freman102010.

my best is 290x5 and I feel I have room to grow, however I really can't give expectations as I'm really new to the S and P lifting game.

I have a log: http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f49/workout-ritalin-777962/

look at it and tell me how I can improve.

I really enjoy lifting but I got a bunch of personal stuff happening this summer (buying a home, getting married, etc. etc.)

I like punk and ****l music, ice cream, and long walks on the beach.
Great news guys I just ordered 5 lbs of protein it was like

Whey Protein Isolate Microfiltrated 40%
Amylocel (Waxy Maize Starch) 50%
Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) 5%
Creatine Monohydrate Powder 5%
+ BSL Chocolate Flavor System $1.3/
+ Sucralose (Splenda) /
+ Aminogen (Protease Enzyme) $0.7/
+ Plastic Jug w/ Free Scoop $0.6/

Ii'll drink it with some milk and try and add more stuff in there to increase the carbs. I'll probably be taking one scoop per drink probably before working out. I might try and drink it afterwards to.

Also more good news. I'll be able to do smolov starting in two weeks. I'll have access to my uni gym 7 days a week so now it's doable. I'm very excited for this. I'll probably just Sheiko 37 the rest. I really feel like I'm going to make some intense gains. The 295 was probably close to ATG without any pre wo drink after a class so yeah I'm definitely excited.
Hey guys, I'm SocraticMethod (it's my Christian name). My max squat is 225. I like to think of it as leaving plenty of room for improvement, more so than me being a gaping vagina. I was completely unproductive in the weight room for a couple years until I found this forum and started using its advice back around January or so. I made some pretty good progress (when you start at zero, that's pretty easy) between then and about April. Then heavyish weights took a temporary back seat to a pool, road bike and running shoes for a bit. I'm definitely ready to be less embarrassed about my squat now.

I was initially planning to do the Stronglifts 5X5 this summer. Do you guys think that's a good way to increase my squat? Would you suggest a different plan?

I'm studying for the bar all summer, but I had already planned to carve out time each afternoon (after bar review class, before I study all night) to work out.

I enjoy old-school m.etal, talking tough on the internet, and making snow angels.
I like making snow angels to!!

oh and stronglifts 5x5 is excellent if your fairly new to strength training.
We should make a team logo with a snow angel doing DB curls while standing on a stability ball.
Snow angel? I think not.