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Fasting before a physical exam


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May 19, 2004
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I've got a physical tomorrow, do any of you know how long you are supposed to fast prior to a physical? I probably haven't gotten one in 10 or 15 years, 8 or 12 hours sounds right, but I can't remember.
Yo, I don't even think you ARE suppose to fast man. I have never fasted for getting a physical in my life, neither has anyone I have known. Maybe it's just an adult thing though...?
Yeah, my dad's a doctor, and he never had me fast.
You aren't supposed to eat something for a period of time if they are doing bloodwork. They want to get your fasted state blood sugar levels. Just call the doctors office and they will tell you. If you are not getting blood work on your physical, then don't worry about it.

If it is in the morning, first thing, just don't eat anything before you go. If it is later in the day, just eat a couple of scrambled eggs to tide you over.