Fairtex Super Bag gloves + Cageside wraps


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Feb 8, 2007
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Hey all, I ordered the Fairtex Super bag gloves and wraps from cagesidemma on Tuesday 4/15 and received them today Friday 4/18. I have not used the gloves yet to workout but tried them on and they feel fantastic, these are the nicest gloves I've ever purchased so they were a step up. I used the April coupon code boomer emailed me. I noticed they felt a little bit light, these are 12oz but I still like them alot. My next pair will have to be at least 16oz. Anyways, I also wrapped my hands with the cageside semi elastic wraps and they are very long 200inches and comfortable. Here are some photos I snapped with the webcam, the gloves are actually much redder in person, the pics make them look a bit orange.




Hope this helps some decide, I will use them soon and post how they held up.
how are they for hitting the bag? 12oz. seem a little light to me for bag work. They look sick though. Let us know how they feel after some bag work.
So I worked out with the fairtex gloves today on the heavy bag and they are great. You need handwraps with these because there is a good sized gap for the wrist and filling it up is necessary. The padding is nice and you can feel a snap when you land cleanly because the foam actually makes a whipping type noise, at least for me it did lol. Anyways, the gloves held up nicely and they are already broken in when new, curved and shaped perfectly. The leather creases lightly when you break them in but I can tell it is high quality because it holds its form. As for the weight, they are 12oz and felt good actually, I am 5'11 165 pounds and felt very quick in these but not too quick, I did have to work for the punches but my next pair will definitely be a 16oz to gain speed and power. The thumb has the attachment and I never jammed it or worried of injuring it, overall I rate these gloves with an A grade because everything about them spells quality, if you are wondering if Fairtex is really worth $50/$60 and up, the answer is yes but get one of their real glove models and not those light flappy bag models.
nice got those for $30 when they were on sale at CSI that one week.