fairtex or windy 16 oz. training gloves?

I really like the Windy's I have...very snug and great wrist support...I can't speak for the Fairtex, as I haven't used them yet...

I got them for a slightly better price at cagesidemma.com (and I believe there's a coupon code for 10% off also "march")...plus, Boomer's got FAR better customer service and shipping prices than combatsports...

There's also that new site...fullcontactoutlet.com that somebody from the forum's ordered from and they said their service was pretty good also (and I think they have the Windy's for super-cheap there)...
Really, It's hard to go wrong with either brand. I have the Windy's in both 14oz and 16oz and love them.
I have those Windy's in black and I love them! I would ask Boomer, maybe he can hook up free shipping and make it really worth it!
Definitely Fairtex. The gloves don't get bigger even if they're 16 oz, but the padding is 16 oz
I use the fairtex myself, but like everyone else said, you can't really go wrong with either glove.
I have the 16 oz Windys and I love them. I don't know about the Fairtex though.
Fairtex, although they look exactly the same apart from the velcro which is a bit bigger on the Windy gloves.
I have both fairtex and Windy 16oz gloves. I got the Windys to replace the fairtex.

It was the velcro strap as someone mentioned above... the fairtex velcro would not stick after while. For the $ that the fairtex cost I was very upset. The Windy is way better.

As far as the padding and leather crafting of the glove. I don't think you will notice a difference between the two brands.
i think the fairtex glove padding is harder and its somewhat longer. i remember i bought a pair of 18ox fairtex gloves i had to return because it looked like dish washing gloves since it was so long
I have the windys and I like them - although I dont train much muay thai :icon_cry2
Windy's are the shit man! I've used the Fairtexs and they are great gloves but the Windy's are a bit more padded and sparring friendly.
I've used these same Windy's almost 5 days a week for about eight months now and they're still in great shape. The Fairtex leather seemed slightly softer and higher grade when I inspected them at OTM but I've been happy with my Windy's
Dude, you should also consider Twins Special. On par with Fairtex IMO. Damn good quality!
I went with Windy. Both for sparring gloves and their super bag gloves. IMO they are great!