Fairtex LKP2 - Thai Suitcase Alternative - More versitile (Leg Kicks+)

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    From my experience, and I'm sure others agree, the Fairtex Leg Kick Pad AKA the "Thai Suitcase" sets the standard for leg kick pads. Absorbs impact, incredibly durable, quality build.

    I was on the hunt for a new pad to use for leg kicks. Fairtex and a few other gear companies have been producing these strap on pads for leg kicks. I do like that they give you the ability to be able to use both arms to hold mitts or thai pads, but they are bulky and expensive. I would really only want the left leg but you have to buy the pair at $200+.

    In comes the LKP2:


    It's built just like the original Thai Suitcase, but smaller in size and rounded. A little bit thicker.Like a hybrid between a kick shield and a donut pad. It's like using a micro mitt but for leg kicks. By far the best pad I've used for inside leg kicks. Also easily held for lead outside leg kicks (front or side of thigh), as well as outside rear leg kick. Guess what, since it's smaller and more precise, you can hold for the hottest technique in MMA today, the devastating CALF KICK. You can change levels from calf to thigh. SOLD.

    But it doesn't stop. Mid kicks and high kicks left and right by rotating your arms to change the angle. This thing is fast and nimble. Knees and teeps, no problem. It also works for power punching! Turn sideways for hooks, change angle for uppercut, drop it down to your thigh for a leg kick then swing up to catch a body kick. Jab it out to enforce slips, swing it out for ducks. Hold for elbows. This thing is awesome. I also pair it with a micro mitt on either hand with a belly pad and/or shin guards to create counters off checks/blocks.

    Highly recommended if you hold pads. Once you get a flow going you can switch between strikes pretty seamlessly. I managed to find it really cheap a bit over $100 delivered through a Thai seller on e-bay but they sold out fast.

    I can't speak to if this holds up to a heavyweight however, it may be too small for larger guys.
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