Fairtes Super bag gloves


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Feb 8, 2007
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Hey all, I wanted to order the Grant Campeon Super bag gloves from ringside but they are out of stock until July or something lol. Anyways, I saw Fairtex makes a super bag glove and wanted to see if anyone owns it or has info on the quality/comfort etc. I will use these on heavy bag only, no sparring. http://www.combatsports.com/detail.aspx?ID=23773 also, how do these compare to the Windy hook and loop training gloves: http://www.combatsports.com/detail.aspx?ID=23986 are these Windy okay to use on heavy bag, I like them a bit more since they come in higher weights.
I love my Windy's, I've used them for everything, heavy bag, mitt work and light sparing. I ordered the Fairtex super bag gloves, but they were too snug to get on easily with my wraps on, so I sold them to a smaller guy and he likes them alot. They looked really well made, but not for big enough for me at 240 lbs. They are both quality gloves.
Do you guys know what online sellers have the best prices on these two gloves, CSI has the fairtex for $50, but I think i'm more interested in the Windys, any links would be great.
Do you guys know what online sellers have the best prices on these two gloves. CSI has the fairtex for $50 but I think I'm more interested in the Windy because of the higher weight. Any links would be great.

is it true that the fairtex gloves are uncomfortable? I read that they can be very stiff.. any info would be nice. thanks
also are there velcro issues with these super bag fairtex gloves like i've heard with other training models?
I own the fairtex super bag gloves and I think they are quite comfortable. I've had mine only about 4 months now but I haven't had any problems with them yet, with the velcro or anything else.
Hey, is there room in these for handwraps? Also, is the thumb attached? How have they held up, I will use them on heavy bag only.

Thumb is attached, and yes there is room for handwraps. I've had the gloves for a few months and I absolutely love them. Granted, before that I was using Everlast gloves from Academy sporting goods. :p