Face getting fatter but body still the same.



I've been gaining a bit of weight but the odd thing is all the fat is going to my face but my body is still super lean. Anyone know if this is genetics or normal?
get off the juice. nah, its sounds like its normal/genetic, im guessing your gaining weight because your bulking through diest, so your putting on fat, your body genetically predisposides where you store fat, your body stores fat in your face more so its only natural.
Maybe this is how the term fathead developed.

jk - bro :)
I don't take any roids or anything, in fact I don't even wanna look muscular or anything. I just want a bigger frame for wrestling.
Everyone has a spot on their body that is the first to gain weight and the last to lose it. For most guys its the spare tire. For you, its the face.

The beauty of wrestling is that size does not matter (weight classes). You should be strength training assuming you still have the energy after wrestling practice...I rarely did. Would you rather be a big guy who can lift like a big guy or a regular guy that can lift like a big guy?

You're born with your frame bud. The only way to change your frame is with a scalpel and a bone saw. You can alter what's ON your frame though. Read the stickies.
LoL, I thought I was the only one, I'm the same as you. I got it from my mom, only she fattens in the face first then her body follows, me only the face gets chubby, not really fat per say, just enough for people who don't see me everyday to notice the weight gain, its your phenotype, we noticeably just gain weight that way.
supersudo said:
take a look at BJ Penn... lol :)

You fucking bastard.....LOL......I was gonna say the same thing when I saw the title for this thread :D

I was gonna say you have Bjpennitis!!!
when i gain weight it instantly goes to my chin...
the first sign of me bulking is a double chin...
i find that when i have a high sodium intake i carry strange weight (water maybe) in my face... i'm serious, usually cutting down the sodium for a week and you see a difference. but that's my body. ..