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Fabio Maldonado's next fight


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Nov 8, 2011
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So I was thinking the other day about potential fights down the line, It got me thinking of tough balls to the wall type of fighters that'd put on a great fight. Maldonado's name came to mind, seeing as his has great boxing and is an incredibly tough and durable fighter (see the Teixeria fight)...so I started running some names through my mind as potential fights...

Here's my list of potential match-ups I came up with and reasons why:
-Chris Leben: considering Maldonado will be coming down to 185, they both have great stand-up, though Maldonado has the edge in technical striking and Leben in the power and overal ground game. Barring Leben beats Brunson and an potential injury, I see this being an all out slugfest.
-Karlos Vemola: they both are big 185'ers seein as they both have come down from a larger weight class...Vemola is a well-rounded fighter and would provide an entertaining fight wherever the fight goes.
Brad Tavares: Same as Leben...Tough fighter with very good stand-up. Pretty decent match-up, could co-main a FUEL card. He is set to fight Fukuda in March so this is unlikely.
Constantinos Philippou: probably the best potential match-up of all stylistically, both have great boxing and are durable and well rounded. (my personal choice next fight for Maldonado). Though, like Tavares, Philippou is already booked to fight Tim Boetsch at UFC 155.

What do you guys think? Any other potential fights in mind?
I'm excited to see Maldonado at MW. I think he will have great potential there. Leben would be a good starting fight of two never-say-die strikers.
give Texiera a rematch but this time, Tex gets to bring a kitchen sink with him.

versus SAKARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Battle of the former-boxers.
I like the Sakara idea. Cote would be great if he wasn't going to 170.
agree with people mentioning sakara... maldonado is a tough match up for anyone tho, guy is underrated despite being 0-3 (personally i thought he won against igor and kingsbu). Zuffa needs guys like him.
Guess I'll say he should fight Sakara since no one else mentioned him.
I would LOVE to see him fight Leben. That has FOTN and maybe FOTY next year written all over it
Maldonado vs Sakara

Sakara was able to stun iron jawed Cote which I thought was impossible.
I would really love this fight since Cote is going to ww
vemola is not a huge 185er. just bc someone is dropping down from a higher weight class doesn't make them huge.