Ezekiel "Peso Leve" Gi Review (White 450 GSM Pearl Weave)


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Dec 17, 2012
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Hello everyone!

Today, I have a review of Ezekiel Kimono's "Peso Leve" Gi and let me just start out by saying, that, when they say "Peso Leve" (Light Weight) They mean it!

This Gi looks impeccable. The overall design is very modest, nothing too "loud" in terms of logos everywhere. Branding has been kept to a modest minimum on this Gi to concentrate on its prized asset; its light weight fabric. We all know that after throwing a couple of Patches here and there, it puts on a little weight and although most people would say it isn't much, others like myself may disagree - especially if your cutting a lot of weight every bit counts.

The triple stitching on this Gi is very well done, making this a very durable asset to your hard days of training and or competitions.
At first, after rolling around in it for a couple of days it was a bit stiff, once it went through a few cycles of rolling and cleaning (air drying and machine drying and such..) the overall mobility of the Gi is impressive, and it retains its shape very well, even through many washing cycles and intensive rolling sessions during training(Yes, I said that twice..its important).
the pants and Gi top have definitely been prepared for tough usage, and so far it's delivering in that aspect.
The Lapel is something to get used to, since it's foam..I had a couple of irritable spots around my neck, but nothing too harsh as they went away in a few days.

You definitely get what you pay for, and if you're on a budget like myself, this Gi would definitely be a plus for you. Coming in at $114.95 its one of the more affordable Gi options that you have, and with its durability it definitely pays for itself more than once. (The Black and Blue versions of the Gi are a couple of dollars more, but nothing to high)

For me, the only negative I could really point out so far was the "mini irritation" I had from the foam lapel, although, it did go away after a couple of days. Nothing really on the horrible side, this was definitely my skin reacting in a very defensive manner.

Final thoughts:

Yes, this wasn't the most intense review you've read in a while..but I am very pleased with this Gi. I've trained numerous days with it and have also competed with it. The light fabric has relieved me from being weighed down by sweat as the matches roll on and also kept my range of motion intact without feeling pressure from the fabric. Throughout training and competitions the Gi has remained fresh and in great condition. This Gi is definitely a Big Bang for Your Buck! Don't sleep on this Gi, and if you do, its probably a nice Ezekiel Choke, Ossss!:cool: