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explosive vs. brute (?)


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Oct 18, 2005
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so, is strength split into 2 categories? explosive strength and brute strength?

for explosive im thinking someone like a boxer who will need both flash lightning punches as well as power behind the punch
and i'm thinking for brute strength you'd have someone like bob sapp just going up to someone and throwing them through a wall
what about strength endurance? or speed? Saying there are only two types of strength is as incorrect as saying that they're unrelated. Peak strength (what I'm sure you meant to say when you wrote brute) has a very positive carryover to explosive strength up to a point most people reading this will never reach. Does that make it the best way to train for explosiveness? No. But up to a certain point training for peak strength will yeild equal gains in explosiveness, whereas I don't beleive the opposite is true. Moral? IMHO if you need to ask this question you probably would be best suited working on peak strength for around a year.
I introduce a proclomation that the term brute strength shall replace the the much weaker term peak. Anyway, I almost reached my brute strength in curls yesterday.
the problem in the original post is "vs."

if mma teaches anything, it teaches you that you need to add it all, add more, dont separate. you need explosive strength to snatch a hold or break a posture when someone is using their strenth to maintain or to frame up, but you also need to have a good base of strength yourself.

if not, you're going to get constricted like a python is on you in a grappling match. some guys dont get taken by you being explosive and they ride smoothe and loose and still suck in every inch your explosions give until you're in a bad spot.
Im training to be brutaly strong. Is that the same?;)
Brute strength means relying on strength alone and notechnique is applied or technique is sloppy
BabyPhenom said:
Brute strength means relying on strength alone and notechnique is applied or technique is sloppy

Bob Sapp for example.