exercises to do in jail


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Jul 20, 2002
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in about a month I will probably be going to jail between 30 days to 6 months. I'm thinking probably 30-90 days. I weigh about 195 but my natural weight is about 160. This summer I caught mono and dropped all the weigh down to like 168 in like 3 wks. I've put the weight back on. I want to know if there is any preperation I can do and some good workouts I should do in jail. I've put a few years of work into my body and I don't want to lose a lot of it in jail.
Well, I'm admittedly a stranger to this forum...but I'm dying to know if a post like this has a precedent. lol
..forward bending is good, sprinting is perhaps better...
BabyPhenom said:
pushups, chins, am sure there will be some weights there
and most all jails/prisons have removed the weights
Bro's I'm being serious I was thinking obviously like pushups, handstand pushups, I just wanted to know if there is any inventive workouts only using my bodyweight or whatever. I forgot what it was called when you for example use the one arms resistance against the other or push against a wall and how effective is that. But also is there any prep work I can do, like if I kill myself for the next 30-40 days will if I only sit in jail for 30 days I just want minimal losses. I can't lose my body b/c that's how I make my living. Thank you with much love.
It's called the prison workout. Do one burpee, rest 30 seconds (walk across the yard, whatever), do two burpees, rest thirty seconds. continue up to 20-30. all burpees should include a pushup and tuck jump IMO. at least a pushup and a jump.
Check out Frank Shamrock's Home Workout Video. It is all no equipment at home style workouts and excersizes.

If you can't get your hands on that (you can DL it), try:

Bodyweight Squats (one leg)
Spike Pushups
Tiger Pushups
Judo Pushups
Plyometric Box Jumps
Squat Thrusts
Neck Bridges
oh yeah, pistols are good medicine.
domestic battery total bull shit, but I'm sure everyones had a psycho exgirlfriend or 2. what are pistols, tiger and spike push ups. Also pre jail things I have about a month. Thanks.
Just keep doing what you're doing before you get to jail. you're going to eat the loss when you get there, that's fact. Pistols = one legged squats, here's a hitable woman performing them: http://spidersport.com/pistol_en.php ... that's hitable as in I would mate with her, not as in I would batter her domestically... just so we're clear.
bro it's county but I don't know Urban if that's a joking comment about the domestic battery b/c it is funny. But it's total bull shit charges. My ex hit me with a car, through bleach on me, hit me with a dog chain, hit me with a flash light in the head.. My only crime is being an idiot and staying with the bitch after she hit me and I grab her to just restrain her and take the weapons away from her and then when I thought it was cool she called the cops on me and told them I hit her a couple times. A few times she called the cops I didn't even know she had. So I spent Thanks giving in Jail got thrown out of my county, and have paid 5,000 dollars in lawyer fees. And now going to have a record and spend who knows how long in jail. So I am not an asshole white trash women beater.
IMustBreakYou said:
My only crime is being an idiot and staying with the bitch after she hit me
you're right that's pretty fucking dumb. Anyways, burpees, one armed pushups, dips, pullups, and pistols are your best bet. Start with the burpees.
1)Go to Mayberry and read "how to avoid crazy chix" thread.

2)Practice your mental game. Looking intimadating can be threatening, staying relaxed is terrifying.