Exercise ball


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Jul 2, 2005
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Does anyone have a detailed list of good exercises to do with the ball? I'm looking for both strength and balance.

I just picked up the ball today but it only came with a small poster of some basic exercises and none that included weights.
hands on the ball and wobble your body.

press ups on the ball.

both very good plyometric and toning exercises.
I would like to know some goosd exersizes to do on a stability ball. I use mine to do crunches and thats about it.
My coach gets us to stand on one to shadow box. It takes ages to get used to getting in a standing position, but its great for core balance & teaching you not to over lean with your punches. (avoiding straight knees)
Great party trick if you can juggle aswell.

That vids pretty good i might try a few of them tonight.