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everlast nosebar head protector version 2

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Reviews' started by xn7, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. xn7 Red Belt

    Apr 11, 2010
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    after waiting over 2 months the everlast headgear arrived. ordered direct from everlast and although it was backordered till end of july then pushed back another 2 weeks, they shipped it out quick when it came into stock and i received it 2 days later. so thanks for that everlast.

    there are 2 sizing options -- S/M and L/XL. i went with the S/M although unfortunately im usually a in between-sizer for most things i buy, they're either just a bit too small and the next size up is way too big. by the way my measurements, 22inch head circumference. and i measured my cheek to cheek width as well, just about 6 inches. reason i took the cheek to cheek measurement is because the headgear is pretty tight in that area. if your measurement is wider than that you'll need the bigger size or the thing will be pretty uncomfortable from all the pressure/rash. im borderline, wish i could have tried on both sizes but as far as i could find out there isn't a retailer that carries it.

    overall this does a great job protecting my head, it is very well padded. also relatively comfortable, except for the cheek rash and pressure. i do have to admit though it is much less comfortable than lets say.. the hayabusa full face. but the level of protection for the everlast is obviously much better.

    my head looks a bit like a balloon with this on. but its not much bigger than other headgear. nose bar protrudes in order to do the job, i have no problem with that. the eye opening is small enough(2 10/16 inch at the widest) to stop 16oz gloves from destroying or even touching my nose. as far as vision the bar does block downward vision. however lateral peripheral vision is only slightly reduced, a few degrees.

    i weighed the thing on my scale. 14.5 ounces. not bad.

    i like this overall. i would buy this again. price is a bit high though, $130. and it was out of stock forever.

    also, have to put in another good word about theTU heatseekers, they are nice gloves. softer than the silencers by a lot, much more comfortable for sparring partners. they weighed in at 14oz each.


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