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Everlast Gears


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Jul 3, 2007
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Have anybody tried any products by Everlast ? I have a pair of Windy gloves but when I tried my friend's Everlast gloves it felt totally different . The Everlast gloves felt more comfortable . But it seems to me that alot of you guys here are not very supportive of Everlast . And insists that Windy or other brands are better than Everlast but have you guys tried everlast yet ? That's my personal opinion though .
The only thing I have by everlast is a heavy bag, I have ssf mma gloves and combat sports bag gloves and i would recommend either one of the gloves I use.
Everlast gloves are good as long as you pay $60-80 4 them. the cheap ones they sell at sporting goods stores for $20-30 r pure crap. I bought a pair of the cheap ones and they were ok 4 a month but the inside lining started to rip so I decided to get Rivals. There will be a difference between western style and thai style gloves , if u r using them 4 mma or muay thai stick with windy or other thai brands. but 4 whatever else western style gloves would do. If you like comfort and want a glove that is flexible enough for clinching and you r willing to pay a price these are good :
idk about the "fitness" gloves which are the same just in synthetic leather

r these the everlast u were talking about ?

if so the "innovations" on the Rivals r worth the xtra $5

but if these r the everlast
DO NOT buy them they will fall apart quick especially if you use them 4 times a week even if not they will still wear out pretty quick. btw the padding on them sucks when mine fell apart i got 2 c the padding , it was 2 pieces of paper thin foam with a rubber-like core.

just my .02 worth