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Even more squat form videos!


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Aug 27, 2007
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I was feeling good before squats and bought some new plates so I could do more weight but I got crushed today. I uploaded video of 170's and 200's to see if I'm doing anything differently between the two.

My problem is I can't seem to get any power out of the bottom and it feels really jerky when I'm coming up, like a 2 part exercise where the first part is ass up and the weight pushes my neck down and then second part the legs and upper back straighten (reps 4 and 5 of the 170 and all the 200 reps). One thing I've tried to correct is knees moving forward at the start of the push out of the bottom by starting with the ass up from Starting Strength but I don't know if it helps too much. One thing I've never felt is the "stretch reflex" and I don't know what I'm doing wrong there, all my reps feel like pause reps and when I try to force a bounce I tend to move forward out of the hole not up.

For bar position I feel like it's pushing my head down with the high bar position during the lift but when I've tried the lowbar position it feels like I'm supporting the whole bar with my arms and hurts my wrist or shoulder bones.

Also it looks like I'm rounding my back when I start going below parallel, where is my flexibility problem? I can squat fairly upright with goblet squats but when my arms go up to hold a bar I start bending over forward.


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You could try box squats, bottom position squats or pause squats to try to get more drive out of the botom of the squat.
Just keep squatting and stop worrying so much about your knees going past your toes. You are doing a high bar placement with a relatively narrow stance. Your knees ARE going to go past your toes. Nothing in that video was awful or dangerous except the fact that the board in front of you proves how obsessive you are.
Upon second look I take it back. Sorry, a little rusty here.
honestly his back looked fine to me. he doesnt round it at all. it just goes from overextended to straight
The board is a bit much dude...lol.

Looks awkward...like you are trying too hard. Sit back until you know you are passed parallel, then drive your hips forward and fuck your way to the top.
honestly his back looked fine to me. he doesnt round it at all. it just goes from overextended to straight

Looks fine to me as well... but the whole motion doesn't seem smooth to me and as Lusst said looks like your trying to hard, aside from that.
Well the board is just a temporary thing to get me to sit back not down, it's not like I'm completely anal about knees going over toes. Guess I'll just keep at it then. Thanks for comments.

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