escaping rear mount subs



when your opponent has your back what works best for everyone as far as escapes go?

i usually try to power my way out by pulling their arms apart if they're already going for a choke and then rolling over while holding the wrists or pull 1 or both of their legs towards my head while pushing back if they don't attempt a sub right away ... what works best for everyone?
I prefer to go for the footlock immediately.

A lot of people start by grabbing one of their arms two on one to prevent the choke. However, I don't really like this defense. The problem is that due to the leverage of the rear mount, it really does take two of your arms to move one of theirs. This of course leaves them with a free arm to immediately reapply the choke once you defend, e.g. you pull off their right arm and they immediately start choking with the left.

The above defense only really stalls the inevitable RNC. Your opponent will eventually tire you out and sink the choke. This is why I like the footlock instead.

Going for the footlock leaves your neck totally vulnerable. However, since the footlock works faster than the choke, this is not too dangerous. The idea is to apply the footlock immediately to make the opponent stop going for the choke and start defending the footlock. Then it is possible to escape.

Some BJJ places do not allow footlocks of this type (toeholds and similar locks). Obviously this escape doesn't work then. But if it is allowed, I find the footlock to be the best way to escape the rear mount.
what we were taught to do was lock your head up as soon as they take the back and then roll so that their back is on the mat...from their bridge up while still defending your head and pivet your hips to one direction...this should leave enough space to turn over to full mount at very least. Best case is that you now have side control if fully escaped
the calf crank is kinda kool, but your better off getting outta the bad position then racing against the inevitable choke. You best escape is to fight the forearm off and scoot to the floor (out the side the choke-arm points), if you defend properly you can get halfguard rather than mount. Or you can pull an Akira Shoji and escape out the back door (or under the ropes for that matter). Most important...dont give your back.
Flatten THEM. Arch backwards driving your weight onto them. Look left and scoot off to the right (or look right and scoot off to the left). Protecting the neck and face at all times. Then drive your left arm between you and roll into them. You will now be in thier guard and in a much better position.

This is the basic of basics.

It works well in gi grappling, no gi grappling, and mixed martial arts. Because when the first punch hits your face, you are going to give up on all that footlock shit immediately. People who try the footlock stuff end up getting flattened on thier belly, or choked out. Look at the percentages of wins when this scenario occurs. The overwhelming majority of times, the choke wins. First step avoid getting flattened. Second step avoid the choke. Third step move your body and turn into them. All else is situational.
I usually defend the series of choke attempts while trying to obtain half guard by removing one of their hooks and turning into them. It's not the best escape but it gives you a chance to recover full guard. Stoic's basic escape works too. I had a hard time with it at first when I first started BJJ because I kept falling to the side. Instead of putting my butt on the leg I would stop and fall over to the side. LOL.