Erik Silva Out, Tyron Woodley in against Jay Hieron at UFC 156

Fuck no! Woodley is boring as hell. This fight sucks now. It's going to be another woodley grapplingfucking contest.
Not even a week and we have ourselves the 'First injury of 2012'. That's 1 boys. Let's keep the count.
Lets hope Woodley's mom isn't able to get front row tickets
herion and woodley... this can end up being a real stinker of a fight.
i have to say this is unfortunate for heiron , the gameplan for woodley will have to be totaly different. I dont like when they find stand in fighters that fight completly different styles than the original opponent scheduled.
That's bad, i prefer Erick Silva. I hope that he doesn't have a bad injury.
I know Woodley loves his LnP, but it's kind of funny when he does it.
Great, replace one of the most exciting fighters in the division with the most boring.
I'm bummed because Silva is really fun to watch, but I don't think people should be expecting Woodley to be able to just lay on Heiron the whole fight. Maybe once they're both tired out some (though I think Jay probably has the better gas tank), but until then Hieron is good at staying off his back and he's got enough power to make Woodley pay standing up.
At least the beautiful main card is still unbesmirched. At least for today.