erik paulson grappling drills book


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Apr 17, 2005
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Paulson has a grappling/bjj book out with 83 drills in to strengthen your game.

Has anyone got the book and seen the drills?

Are the drills clear and easy to follow from the book? Have you used the book? Is it a worthy buy? If anyone has anything on it please feel free to share.
I've seen some of Paulson's drills in Grappling Magazine, maybe they came from this book. I dunno. I can say that they are for no-gi only.
i have some of his vids and those are good, havent seen any books tho.
Ummm, I think there may be a misunderstanding.

Erik IS putting out a book sometime in the near future

There is a DVD on drills available on his website (with 83 drills)

They are not the same thing though. It is MY video that Erik is selling on his website

Stephan Kesting