Erick Silva wants to return to the octagon in March

anyone just outside the top ten would be fine. he's one of the most exciting ww's in the ufc right now.
I'm hoping they schedule him for the April 20th card. Give us some strikers!!
This ^^^^ no doubht about it...would be frun to watch for sure. I'd even give him Duane "Bang" Ludwig that'd be a great fight

Bang retired a while back and is now the head coach at Team Alpha Male.
is the UFC 158 maincard filled already??

They should add an FX card at they end of march

I know some people say there are too many cards, but now with all the SF coming in the UFC...I think there are NOT ENOUGH CARDS.
i hope erick silva comes back stronger and with better gas tank. i think there is some interesting matchups for silva i'd still like to see him fight a top 10 contender i think hes that good he took jon fitch into deep water and just came up short. i'd like to see him against : Dan hardy, thiago alves, nick diaz, damien maia, carlos condit(hopefully he decided to fight not point fight), and even rory. i think there is plenty of good matchups for erick silva at 170
I really hopes he comes back soon! Dude always brings it and is an exciting fighter to watch. They should either give him Koscheck or Alves when he returns.
Man Erick Silva is my favorite WW and one of the most exciting dudes around. Hoping he gets Dan Hardy next, would be a dope fight for sure.
Given who hasnt got a fight scheduled, and ignoring the win/loss situation (Joe Silva sometimes matches up winners with losers, of course), John Hathaway is a fight that really interests me!

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