ephedrine vs L-Carnitine vs ECA stack


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Nov 28, 2004
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which one do you guys suggest more for faster weight loss. Ive been told if i wanted to see any weight loss with L-Carnitine that id have to supplement with at least 1000mg which seems like alot. As far has Ephedrine is concerned, what dosage do you guys reccomend? Ive heard you can can decent results with around 40-80mg. The best one ive heard is the ECA stack and ive been told that 30 mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine, and 100 mg aspirin should do the trick....any suggestions??
I dont even think im going to be taking the asprin because it seems useless....if i do im taking the baby asprin. What kind of results can i expect Yohimbine HCL?...heard of Yohimbine but never in terms of a stack.
25mg ephedra
200mg caffeine
81mg aspirin

Take that 3x per day.

but I have read that the Aspirin is ineffective and the better combination is ECG (Ephedra, Caffeine and Green Tea Extract)

so it would look something like this?

6am - 25mg ephedra
200mg caffeine
81mg aspirin

10am -25mg ephedra
200mg caffeine
81mg aspirin

2pm- 25mg ephedra
200mg caffeine
81mg aspirin
ECY Stack

25mg Ephedrine
200mg Caffeine
2.5mg Yohimbine HCL

I heard 5mg but not exceeding 15-20mg per day of yohimbine.

Let me teel you, trying to measure out 5mg of yohmbine power is basically a no no. I tried to make some CY pills from BN powder, I made a batch of 24 and have had 1 because I think I had a near heart attack because of overdosing from that 1 pill of yohimbine (my scales are accurate to 10 mg, but it clumped and the scales got stuck, which is a feat with digital ones, so i think I took a 20-60 mg dose).

As far as aspirin goes, it's there to increase the half life of the caffeine and ephedrine, nothing else (half lives goes from 6->8 and 2->4 hours respectively). It also does a number on your gut so my suggestion would be to leave it out and take 2-3 doses of ECY a day evenly spaced out and call it at that.
Build into the dose though and don't go over 75-90 mg a day spead over a min of 3 doses.

Yohimbine is supposed to increase lipid usage but I don't know how effective it is. A lot of people say it works, but thats though word of mouth which isn't worth the paper its written on
Wow .. I used to pop 3x 25mg of Ephedrine Hcl ..good thing i stopped long ago.seen good results from it though.Eca stack pwns.
Wow .. I used to pop 3x 25mg of Ephedrine Hcl ..good thing i stopped long ago.seen good results from it though.Eca stack pwns.

A lot of people used to go over board in the 90's, it's generally why it came to the attention of the news stations
exactly....the mentality of "more is better" causes so many problems when it comes to supplements being banned.
i think im gunna start with a single dose before my workout of ECA and then for the next week move to 2 doses of EC in the morning and before the workout (afternoon)
Enteric coated aspirin if you're having gastric discomfort from it.
speaking of this eca stack is there any brand that just makes all the three things in just one pill?
well took the first dose today. 2 ephedrine pills @ 8mg each to start plus 200mg of Caffine and 81mg of asprin. No ill side effects to speak of. Didnt get a chance to workout today but other than a little extra sweating than normal, didnt really feel any effects...but i know better than to assume i will get wired off of a single dose. Tommorrow im going to train and go for a run and bump up to a full serving of ephedrine at 3x8mg.
ill keep you guys updated.
you may want to rethink those ratios, and how much you start out at. everything ive read on ECA recommended a 1:10:10-15 ratio.
e-25 mg
c- 200

im currently using bronkaid (25 mg Ephedrine), 1 vivarin (200 mg caffeine) and 3 baby asprin (243 mg).

since you develop a tolerance quickly, start light to assess tolerance. since you have the 8mg id say

week 1
8mg e
100 mg c
100 mg a

do a morning and afternoon dose

week 2

same but 3 doses a day

week 3

double up 1st dose

week 4

double up 1st and 2nd dose

week 5

double up all 3 doses

week 6-9

go to full 24 E/200 C/ 240 A dose per week, adding additional full dose every week, so that week 9 is 3 full 24/200/240 doses a day.

all the reading ive done suggested slowly ramping up dosages for best results, and taking a week or two off the stack every 8 weeks or so to reset your tolerance to it.
Ive searched everywhere as in stores and gas stations and I have not ran into anything Ephedra. Where do you guys get your ephedra from?