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Enfusion Live #31 Malaga, Spain Saturday 19.9.2015

Discussion in 'Muay Thai and Kickboxing' started by julie kitchen, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. julie kitchen Orange Belt

    Mar 6, 2014
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    Enfusion Live #31 Malaga, Spain Saturday 19.9.2015
    Local start time 22.00

    1. 3X3 -70Kg Tournament semi Final
    Adam Martins (Spain) Vs Philippe Salmon (France)
    43F 29W 12L 2D 12 KO Vs 81F 61W 20L 0D 35KO

    2. 3X3 -70Kg Tournament semi Final
    Christopher Mena (Colombia) Vs Beau Superpro Samui (Thailand)
    51F 42W 9L 0D 12KO Vs 112F 75W 35L 2D 45KO

    3. 3X3 -80Kg
    Ruben Lee (Spain) Vs Gil Silva (Portugal)
    54F 40W 13L 1D 12KO Vs 72F 50W 21L 1D 18KO

    4. 3X3 -57Kg
    Victoria Lomax (Spain) Vs Soraya Haurissa (Indonesia)
    17F 7W 5L 5D 2KO Vs 26F 18W 8L 0D 4KO

    5. 3X3 -60Kg

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