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Jan 10, 2005
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i ve been sampling alot of energy drinks daily for about 2 weeks cause i usually get really tired around 3 at work and i go train at 7 so i was wondering if anyone knows of any danger in using these drinks so frequently since there is so much caffeine in them. i 'm very partial to full throttle and jolt energy drinks. i always get the lo or no carb ones.thx.
I used to drink Red Bull everyday. I would drink it around two or three in the afternoon because I was tired and needed something real quick to get me going. I felt fine with it, but it had so much sugar it was crazy.
I just started tro drink the sugar free red bulls, I think that it seriously works, gives me a lot of energy, but I too would like to know how unhealthy they are for ya. Anyone?
I don't think that the 80 mg of caffeine in red bull is an issue. A decent cup of coffee contains around 100 mg, but coffee is much more variable so I don't wanna get flamed. The biggest concern should be with the sugar content, but since you get the diet ones you should be fine.

The biggest issue I have with red bull is the price. They are so expensive and know they have such a huge part of the market it is sick. There are cheaper ones that are much more potent out there. I'm a huge fan of Rockstar because of the much higher caffeine content, 200 mg per serving and a can is 2 servings. That is around 2 bucks a can though; so I have recently been buying Monster which doesn't list the caffeine anywhere but you can get it for around 13 bucks or so a 12 pack at sams club. Red bull was like 30 bucks a 16 pack or some crap and is literally 1/4 the size of monster.

I have yet to see a study that says caffeine is bad. Most of the negative studies show that it raises your blood pressure, but that isn't horrible in moderation. Powerlifting has shown to increase blood pressure like 5x or something, enough to have some people bust capillaries in their eyes. Any workout increases blood pressure temporarily, high blood pressure is only bad if it is chronic (from filled artieries or obesity) since the heart never gets to rest and experience levels of low blood pressure.
Hi Guys,
Myself i am been using and promoting the following energy drink: A.C.T, the drink only has 4 grams of sugar and do not have any caffeine but works amazing for energy and focus if you are interested in using a free sample please go to the company m2c global will send you a free sample for you to try,maybe this product will be a good alternative to red bull.
thanks and take care.
pierre farine.
the best energy drink ive found so far is the low-carb rockstar. its got 4 grams carbs total, none of which are sugars, and it helps in recovery. its also got 2g protein, hehe
i've read that caffiene hardens ur arteries making u prone to heart attack later in life.. i read this a while ago so i forgot where i read.. for all i know it could be some anti-caffiene propaganda but one things for sure... caffeine is addictive... :wink:
Try Taurine powder + Caffeine. or Just taurine powder lol, 1-5 gram doses.

BTW Taurine is an amino acid that they put in energy drinks also. Buy it from TrueProtein. 30 bucks worth of it it will last for like 1 year lol.
supersudo said:
i've read that caffiene hardens ur arteries making u prone to heart attack later in life.. i read this a while ago so i forgot where i read.. for all i know it could be some anti-caffiene propaganda but one things for sure... caffeine is addictive... :wink:

RKJD covered this. Caffeine in moderation is fine. As an athlete, you shouldn't be at risk for high blood pressure (because your diet should be great, and your diet is probably 1000x more likely to lead to high blood pressure than 80mg of caffeine).

Just remember the more you take it the more resistant your body becomes to the effects.

I take 200mg as part of my ECA stack, so I try to ingest caffeine only as part of this stack, pre-workout. Gives me a major boost.
Sobe No Fear (sugar free) I buy it because it is the best tasting sugar free energy drink I've ever had. Other than that, I drink Lo Carb Monster (2nd place) or Diet Rockstar (drink it to support Randy Couture)
Sobe no fear is about the best tasting imo

What effects does taurine actually give you?
Occasionaly I take 200 mg caffeine pills before a workout. As said earlier, the your body begins to build a tolerance to it so I don't use it regularly, just once a week or so.
Low carb Rockstar is great, Red Bull never did anything for me. For a while I thought it was mental too, so I didn't drink anything before i worked out. Didn't quite pan out like I thought it would.

So, Diet Rockstar works wonders.
Those drinks are loaded with sugar which causes an insulin spike in your blood stream and when you come off that spike your crash hard.

Instead of drinking energy drinks everyday which are bad for you because of the amount of sugar (and expensive as well since you drink so many), you might want to try a smaller portion size lunch than you're used to of lean protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates (energy drink = high glycemic).

Chicken breast and brown rice with veggies, salmon and sweet potato with a salad, egg whites and oatmeal if you're in the mood for that, turkey sandwich from a deli with an apple, etc.

Eating the best foods for your body will help. And so will a brisk 10 minute walk when you get tired. :D
I agree energy drinks suck. I tried a can of "rip it citrus x" energy drink. It tasted just like orange juice. However, it went straight through me and took my breakfast and lunch with it an hour later.