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Eliptical machine?


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May 20, 2004
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My girlfriend Just bought an eliptical machine and that big thing is standing in our master bedroom. I furst thoufgt that it was shitty girly machine. I did 30 mins non stop yesterday and that shit killed me. I also read that Frank Shamrock uses that on a regular basis. How do you guys rate that for MMA cardio work?
I think it's ok..doesn't beat running, but when my knees or feet are sore, I usually do the elipitcal.
burpees with a pushups and tuck jump PWN all other kinds of cardio... But an elliptical aint bad, especially if you have broken your back twice and have knee problems like frank. You ARE aware that's the reason he uses it right?
yeah I know that. I have recurent knee problems so its also a help to use the eliptical
Well, if you got knee problems, then I'm sure that won't be a bad thing for you.
They are generally touted as "low-impact, full body" workout machines by the companies that sell them.
Obviously, they emphasize these claims to attract the beginner/out-of-shape person looking for a way to ease into exercise in the convenience of their home. I do use them when my knees are really sore.
i find that eliptical machines are very helpful, b/c theres no impact. Ur right frank shamrock does use this.
I use the eliptical when my shin splints start acting up. I prefer running though!!
the quality of the machine makes a big difference. I use one almost daily at a big gym. The machine is top of the line. If you jack up the resistance to a very high level and use your arms to pump heavily you can get a great workout and it WILL make you breathless when you do sprints on it. As well as giving you a solid upper body workout. As far as the lower level or mid level quality machines go, I couldn't comment on them.
After I do my interval running, I'll hop on the eliptical for about 20 minutes as a cool down.
I use it at the gym for a cool down, it's good stuff.
I've never found it difficult, but it gets my heart beat going ok, usually only up to like 130 tops.
shure its ok for a change but for fun just tie a pallet of bricks behind you and run up a hill tito style.
but seriously never stick to just one form of cardio in my opinion.
Chad Hamilton said:
Should have bought a rowing machine.


Rowing machines are the best in home cardio.

Elipticalls prb. second. But better than most shitty treadmills.
zero impact cardio.

almost seams like an oxymoron, but good for the frail i supose
I think the are great for fat burning, The best piece of equiptment I have found or helping me get rid of them unwanted fatty spots