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Dec 26, 2003
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Look at that site, alot of good stuff too buy, they make the real olympic BB and weights but have alot of other good stuff there too. Thats real swedish steel :D
Nice only thought www.extremepower.se sold kettlebells in sweden, now I see Eleiko sells them to under dumbells, perhaps some competition can bring down the prices to reasonable levels...
i really hope so becuse i've always wanted some kettlebells. Eleiko don't show the prices though....
Perhaps they will start to sell them soon? Lets "hold our tumbs"..;)
Haha yeah, im really short now becuse im gonna move soon so i have time too wait :)
Great stuff. We have several competition bars and around 1000 kg of bumper plates in our gym.
If they werent so damn expensive, Id get a set in a heartbeat.
Eleiko's the best in the world.
Yes they really are, the both have PL and Oly stuff. The gold bar looks nice, anyone seen it? :D

And Tankard, how much does a BB cost? They doesn't show the prices....
i think gold bar is not competition approwed, right?

I belive bar is around 400E, If you want exact info, I can ask the Boss :)
No the goldbar is not approwed but you can have it on the wall like a painting :D
Yes please ask your boss and ask him if he can buy me one :D
do you know why they do not use Eleiko in the every olympics? is it pure bidding or preformance?
Some time ago i went to order eleiko olympic traning set,but the dealer told me over 4300USD!
Do the plates have a flat side?

Besides the ol barbarell having 28mm grip and the pl bar having 29mm grip, are there any other differences.

I hate it when companies don't show the price of their products.
Me too thecreator. It's really expencive but it's the top of the line.