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Oct 5, 2005
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No matter how many instructionals i see on this, i can not figure out how it works. I have even asked the instructors at my gym and they are unsure about the subtleties. Is it a groin pull? or a twisting knee bar. I wish i knew because i find the opputunity from half gaurd to set it up a lot, but end up going out the back door instead because i lack the understanding on how to apply the electric chair.

Anyone out there have any direction on this one?
I thought it mostly consisted of a wet sponge and a few hundred thousand volts.
i just typed a big paragraph trying to explain the electric chair but after reading it - realized it was too hard to understand.

I dunno man ur gonna have to go buy eddie bravo's book to understand it I guess. or come down to 10th planet.

it's actually very easy to understand if you can see it in motion
FutureBxer said:
I dunno man ur gonna have to go buy eddie bravo's book to understand it I guess. or come down to 10th planet.

LOL. Sure, 5000 miles later. As much as i would love to go down to 10th planet its a little bit of a drive from toronto, and i dont think there are an affiliates in my area. I guess i will just have to stick to the book.

Thanks for trying though, much appreciated!
T dot represent.....!

I'm also having a rough time with it actually.
I never heard of it can somebody might post pics?
sup kawlinz...

where u train?

Probably the calf, could be a knee ripper if you keep rolling I suppose. Hopefully Mr Bravo will turn up at some point to enlighten us.
Basically you have one leg in the lockdown and one leg trapped with your arms. The pain actually comes from stretching both legs apart, ripping the crotch and thighs, at least thats the best I can describe it. It's not uncommon to find that this wont work on some people that are very flexable, that is why Eddie actuall invented a sweep from that submission as well.
I train at UMAC, and I do the MMA classes and kickboxing classes there as well.
It is suppose to be some type of muscle lock. The pain sometime in the calf and sometimes it is behind the leg depending on how you lock it. Go to the link again and read some of those guys comments about the move. It is towards the bottom.