Elderly man killed for wearing red cap.

He be throwin' up them signs yo...stackin' like a muhfucka...
uhhhh... the guy's name is Joe Silva
He will be tried as a senior citizen, and sent too live the rest of his life in a maximum security nursing home.

so the stress of matchmaking with a bunch of prima donna's finally got to little joe silva eh
I thought this was going to be a gang related thing. Sorry to hear that you knew the victim.
Did he think the flower was like some kiss of death thing or something?
Okay, I saw this thread at lunch today. I was thinking that it was probably the 2nd or 3rd weirdest thing I have read today.

1. Joe Silva. no explanation needed. I was going to make a Joe Silva joke, but I am sure there are probably 100 already.

2. Why the flower and red cap? WTF? Is that some sort of "Kiss of Death" symbology? Or, was the victim a raging homo and the killer took offense to him?