Elbow Escape Problem


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Dec 1, 2003
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My problem is exactly that, the elbow escape. Ya know how some moves/submissions the light-bulb eventually lights up or at least flickers just a bit, not so with me and the elbow escape. On a positive note as a result of my lack of escaping skills, my submission defense has gotten pretty alright.

So BJJ practioners: Any experience with this issue? How much can my game improve not utilizing this escape? Anyone suggest I continue trying to work some offense from a bad position (side mount in particular)
try just rolling the guy off first... when he post his leg out for balance use your elbow to slip it out further and get your knee inside and begin to return to guard.

if he has a solid base and isnt attackign the escape isnt going to work. You have to "catch" him.
If you do the technique properly it will work. You need to bump and scoot your hips to a side and then bring one leg out, scoot to the other side and bring the other leg out. This is if youre doing the elbow escape from the mount.
Sounds easy enough, I think sometimes I get so focused on trying to make it happen I forget setting it up
For me, I've got big hips so I need to bump the guy up a bit.
If you don't have the elbow escape down your progress in BJJ can only go so far. It's definately one of the most fundamental and important moves for the bottom man next to Upa. Keep drilling it solo and with a partner until you get it down. Personally I have never had much trouble with it.
Often his knee will come up off the mat when you push it, allowing you to go under his leg with yours and into half guard.
if the elbow doesn't work well just push away at his legs with your hands instead of using the elbow, i've seen bjj black belts do it this way so if it works for you do it.