Eilte MMA in Thousand Oaks CA?



I've been looking for some info on Elite MMA in Thousand Oaks CA and there doesn't seem to be a lot out there. I haven't heard anything good or bad. Does anyone have any opinions on the gym or trainers?
Elite MMA is a good organization. BUT...they have their own fighters and usually try to matchup their fighters with someone that they know they will pwn. So be warned, make sure you have a good fight promoter or manager who knows your opponent's skill level if you are matched up in an Elite MMA match.
oops..disregard, i was thinking of Elite MMA fight organization. I don't know about Bas Rutten's MMA school since i've never been there. But it sounds like a lot of fun. go check it out and let us know!
I was the head standup instructor teaching 2 classes per night twice a week.
I was there from 5:30 - 7:30 and I never saw him.

The only time I would see Bas there was when Kimbo was there and they were filming something...

...it may have changed but that is what the scene was when I was there.
I'm hearing that things are really falling apart there with their main BJJ Instructor passying and his replacement, picked up and left to open his own place taking many students with him. That on top of the already weakened student base because of no regular stand-up instructor with any real knowledge or credentials has left everyone wondering what they will do to make use of their pieces.

I wish nothing but the best for them and would be willing to help if I could.

Somebody put this thread to my attention, its a long time ago, but I still want to reply. Since the new gym is open, I am there pretty much every day, I teach Monday, Wednesday and Friday's at 6pm, and Tuesday and Thursday's at 10am.

Before that I was a LOT in the gym, just not in the evenings, so if somebody was teaching at night, yes, he could have not seen me. Like I would train Kimbo also in the morning only, and Randy Khatami in the evening.

the old gym and the new gym, are two different animals, just come on by and check it out, you will love the new place!


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