Ediroc H2 16oz Gloves...False Advertisement


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Mar 11, 2013
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Just finished writing up this really detailed "Initial Impressions" on Ediroc and this glove but it got deleted upon posting for being logged off...ERRRRRRRRR!!! Here is my 2nd effort (the first write up was great...this one, so so. It's late, I'm tired, but I'm going to get something in)

Long story short...kind of...

Gloves came in today, initially ordered a month ago. Apparently Ediroc was still working out issues with Amazon and their retail transitional period. Package was an oversized box, folded multiple times to make a smaller box, half smashed and poorly taped. No labeling, no invoice, just packing paper and the gloves. Gloves were wrapped in this cellophane type bag and boy did they reek! Not of that beautiful room enveloping leather smell--but of that cheap plasticky 99 cent store smell. The gloves have a nice look to them but upon closer inspection you can see the "ok at best" craftsmanship. No popped stitches but there are lines that were re-done and some that aren't the cleanest/straightest. Leather seems to be of fair thickness but is not the softest. It is also excessively wrinkled for some reason...

The gloves fit snug, and when talking symmetry, the right glove is significantly tighter fitting than the left. There's a bit of palm/thumb pinching going on in the right glove at the inner thumb seam. Liner is a plush fabric material. Feels nice but I do prefer the nylon type--I find it easier to keep clean and wipe down before drying out. The liner is somewhat looser in the left glove which is weird because generally the fabric type liner is easier to keep taut in the glove versus nylon.

Foam/Padding feels good, but unfamiliar. I am simply talking gloves on hand here, I have not trained in them yet...foam feels like its definitely on the medium/denser side. If I had to describe the feeling of the foam I would say it reacted lazily, if that makes sense? As if its slow to regain its form again after being depressed.

Laces are too short, so short that they don't even go around the glove once. You need long enough laces in order to properly tie a lace up glove and the ones these gloves come with don't cut it.

So here's the backstory...

It took a good long while just to be able to see these gloves on the market again. My curiosity arose when Csquared posted a youtube review of these gloves and I thought well maybe Ediroc had made some changes. Despite having read Clamp's and Strat's reviews on them I decided to pull the trigger and go for it. I made several attempts to contact Ediroc via calls and emails however I did not get a single response (for awhile they only offered the option to buy in bulk).

Back to the gloves taking a month to get here...

They were supposed to arrive within 5-7 business days according to Amazon, but that was not the case. I call Ediroc and to my surprise they actually picked up. They ended up giving me some BS reason about Amazon not being ready to push their product and blah blah. So the gloves ship 2 weeks later. Anyways, I'm on the phone with Ediroc and me being cheap and frugal and all, I ask if any type of compensation would be made to the customers that had to deal with their transitional period and shipping delays. Their response was "we apologize but we currently do not have any type of compensation packages available". Ediroc is advertising a "premium" product, with a "premium" price tag, and I believe it should come with some "premium" customer service.

While on the phone I inquire about a couple details I wanted to clarify:
1) Are these the version 2's? Check
2) WIll they be the same model Csquared reviews in his video? Check
3) Are they "hand-made in Mexico" as advertised on their website and on Amazon?
Ch..Ch....Chhhh......NO...WTF DO YOU MEAN NO THEY'RE NOT?
"They are actually being manufactured in PAKISTAN"
Well then why are they being labeled as HAND MADE IN MEXICO???
"We had a few pairs made in Mexico and sent them to Pakistan to be re-manufactured"

After receiving the gloves I believe all 3 of my questions to have failed. They still have the stupid "hypervelove II" screen print on the inner wrist, the supposed newer model had the redesigned "H2" logo via the model Csquared had reviewed, and the Ediroc rep straight up told me that they're really not made in Mexico. THERE'S EVEN A LITTLE TAG THAT SAY'S "HECHO EN MEXICO" INSIDE THE GLOVE, BUT IT'S NOT TRUE!!! Can you say FALSE ADVERTISEMENT??? That was the whole selling point for me...

Not really sure what to do with these gloves. I know I will be contacting Ediroc tomorrow regarding these issues but I really wanted to get a performance review in down the line. Not sure if I am even going to keep them to be honest. For those of you that are interested, they retail for $135. I was able to get free shipping at the time but I believe it is now $15 for shipping. I got suckered and I know it. Some of you are probably going to tell me I could have gotten better gear from Topboxer, Mohsin, or Jason over at 1v1....and well...I DID!!!

So there's a quick little insight with my sub-par experience with Ediroc and their H2 16oz glove....I'll have pictures posted up tomorrow.



That's pretty fucked up. Why did you want those anyways??? Is editor what you kiltchko training with?
Pretty grimy claiming they are made in Mexico. For around that price you could get a set of custom gloves that was really Hecho En Mexico.
Whoa, that's pretty shady! Thanks for making this thread to let us all know! :eek:
Thanks for the heads up.
Ediroc now off the list of gloves I'll ever buy.
So I was finally able to get a hold of one of the reps at Ediroc today. Two days, four phone calls, and two voicemails later--none of which were responded too. I guess the fifth call was the charm. I spoke to a rep named David regarding my dilemma and he was more than willing to try and reconcile my problems and make this right.

According to David, the gloves are in fact made in Mexico. How true this is, I do not know but he confirms that they are supposed to be the real deal, Hecho En Mexico. I guess he said the previous rep I spoke to was misinformed and that their previous line had used China and Pakistan for manufacturing. I did mention the un-Mexican like craftsmanship and how I have Pakistani made equipment made better than the gloves I received. His answer to this was that it must have slipped QC and that they would be able to ship a "properly inspected" pair a gloves to me upon returning the defective pair.

I had a very long drive to and from work today and had a lot to thing about in terms of returning the gloves for another pair, or simply getting the full refund back. I ended up deciding on the return in order to push out a proper performance review. the return policy is 100% UNCONDITIONAL according to David so I figure if I don't like the next pair, the refund is still there.
but what if pakistani child labor is just as good as mexican?

im jus jokin around :D
Here is a copy of the email I sent to Ediroc as well:


I spoke with David earlier today regarding the need for a shipping return label. I have recently received a pair of gloves that seem to have missed your QC department. The right glove does not match the shape or fit of the left glove, the screen print does not match the advertised "revised" version 2's (still says "hypervelove" instead of "H2"), the craftsmanship seems relatively sub-par compared to a true Mexican made glove, the laces are too short to even be tied properly, and the first rounds of customer service I have had with you guys wasn't exactly the greatest. I do wish to give your company the benefit of the doubt in thinking I was sent a lemon and I am willing to exchange these for another pair in order to complete a review for the interested community. So if you guys would please be so kind as to instruct me in the process of returning these for a pair that has hopefully been inspected properly, I would greatly appreciate it.


If the next pair is spot on, it will be awhile for the full review to come, as I will need time putting them through their paces. I do have a whole bunch of other gear ready for writing as I have been away from lurking the forums for awhile. I have only posted one review (aside from this impression) but I plan on publishing many more as the gear I have compiled has been thoroughly used and abused and ready for news =)
Good Luck ! Do not forget to inform us with the reply you get
I have a pair of ediroc, i am not impressed at all. As far as i know im 99.9% sure they were made in pakistan but thats not to say they havent changed
I am in contact with an Ediroc rep on Instagram. Made in Mexico!!! I should be getting a pair soon to try them for myself.
So I had to call them again today just make sure that they had received my email. They said they haven't forgot about me and that they emailed me a pre-paid shipping label. Once they receive tracking that the return has been sent, they will then send a newly inspected pair to cut down on the wait time.

Strat, I brought up the discount they offered you on youtube to try and see if they were rolling out discounts/compensation for those that had similar issues to mine. The rep said he did not think that it was going to fly for my case. Haha oh well, it was worth a shot.

It's about 8pm Cali time and I have yet to receive the pre-paid shipping label. I have the gloves packed in the same crap box they sent me and I'm ready to slap that damn label on and get it on its way!

The gloves do have potential...The left glove that actually did fit felt pretty darn good out of the box. Can't say I've slid a glove on with that type of super chunky plush padding on the interior. As if I popped the glove's "wear-cherry". I think clamp's description hit the nail on the head. The right glove though....that darn right glove...price is pretty steep for a set of these so I'm hoping the next pair works out for me. Oh and good luck on yours Task.
Finally got word that a replacement pair was shipped out to me today. I did have to call and ask however. Funny because I got an email last friday saying the gloves had already went out. So much for cutting down on the shipping time since they did not actually send the new pair out when I had already returned the defective pair.
Materials look nice, stitching looks crap. Also sounds like CS is crap.
Well since Ive posted Ive gotten nothing. They messaged me for my mailing address and then silence. Doesn't look too promising.
2 weeks since my last update here and still nothing. No replacement gloves, no tracking number, no returned email or calls. Nothing. That's exactly what this company has to offer. NOTHING. And guess what? Those ***holes still have my $135. Guess I will keep trying to contact them to cancel and get my refund so I can put it towards some customs from Topboxer (should've done that in the first place!!!).
Nothing here either. I've messaged them on Instagram and no responses. Screw them. 135 can buy a lot better.
Materials look nice, stitching looks crap. Also sounds like CS is crap.

Minow basically summed it up perfectly. Dont let that youtube comment fool you. I tried contacting them directly 10-12 times. The posted the youtube thing I think more for publicity. Their CS is pretty much non existent. Dont get roped in. But fact of the matter is they just dont give a damn. I hear some of you guys eager to try them out. But if you get burned dont say we didnt warn you ahead of time.

Save your money get some Good gloves instead.