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Eddie Wineland: "I don't think anybody really wants to get hit by me."

He's right.


Wineland by tko.
Been on the Wineland wagon since he was WEC Champ. Some of the best hands as well as some of the best body and head movement in the UFC.
Wineland will beat Pickett I think
He's got a good right hand but not a whole lot else, doesn't set it up all that well either. He makes it work because he throws it so often, has a solid chin and doesn't mind eating shots.
Damn right they don't. I think Winelands going to ko Pickett in the first.
good fighter for sure, not too diverse in his striking but hes very aggressive and has a good chin

that was a real close fight he had w faber
He's better than Pickett, I'd say. I'd also say that most sane people don't really want to get hit by anyone.
They should make UFC 155 a 7 fight main card like the Japan card. No way should this fight and Guillard vs Varner be on the prelims.
It would be a bad starting point as a fighter, if people actually wanted to get hit by you.
They needed those 2 good fights on the prelims so people coff up for the ppv thinking its gonna be even better, but we all know half the time the prelims or undercards can be way more entertaining then the main card :)

I feel wineland and brad are so similar, but id think it all depends which wineland turns up on the night... if its the one that came with the scotty fight then brads in trouble, also if brad decides to mix up the game with take downs and wrestling we get a much different fight then what anyone expects cos we know these guys should be standing and banging.

Chin wise, brad took some powerful punches and was still able to keep composed even when going down but wineland went wobbly but recovered well enough to keep fighting on.

The fights still a pickem but id still feel wineland if its the scotty version, hard chin and good head movement and counter boxing and long stiff jabs will give him the edge in significant strikes against brad for a split or ud win.
Who cares. The 135 division only produces decisions.
You're kind a bad at fighting if someone wants to get punched by you.
Tough to say where he's at in his career -- he looked really good in his last fight though. I favor Pickett but Wineland does pack a wallop so if he connects, it won't be just another shot that Pickett can instantly recover from.
Looking forward to this fight! I think Pickett's gonna be too much for him.