Eddie Alvarez's UFC Offer Includes Immediate Title Shot


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Apr 5, 2012
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I have no problem with it.

Eddie deserves it after beating top 10 LW Aoki. Plus he is an exciting guy. Who knows how long his legal problems with Bellator will continue.

I guess UFC is passing up

Seems like the UFC just doesn't want Alvarez in Bellator. They don't care about building him up.
Pettis hasn't earned it yet and I'm assuming Eddie would get signed around the time the Melendez/Henderson fight would be considering his legal battle with Bellator. Could be wrong on that though.
Id say Melendez first, then Pettis if he beats Cerrone. But wouldnt mind if he got it after Melendz
Did not know they offered him dollar amounts off PPV buys and not percentages like originally speculated, that's interesting.

Title shot or not I really hope to see Eddie UFC bound sooner rather than later.
Got beat by Mike Chandler though, he should have to fight someone else and when this was offered they were looking to skip over Gilbert, which is bullshit.
I thought that his contract was too generous, but I'm guessing that the UFC was doing it to try to stick it to Bellator.
You realize your only argument for Eddie is him beating Aoki, someone Melendez also has a win over in his current 7 fight win streak. Plus Gilbert has a belt. Champion vs. Champion always draws interest.
Ha, awesome. We get Ben v. Melendez and then the winner vs. Alverez. People have been waiting a long time for this scenario.
UFC is kinda being risky here. If Alverez won, you could make a decent argument that Chandler is #1 or #2 for LW.
ufc needs all the name value they can afford. too many guys like cb dollaway co main eventing.
not surprising, considering hes coming off of a huge loss and all :icon_lol: