Eddie Alvarez's UFC offer includes immediate title shot, pay-per-view cut

Incredible offer. Wow

Would mean no bendo/gil in san jose tho.
yeah i call bullshit on that. this is eddie fuckin alvarez were talking about lol, really? he doesnt deserve a titleshot til he beats a top 5 and he sure as fuck doesnt deserve a ppv cut til he shows hes even a ppv draw and can go a single fight without getting dropped atleast once by subpar top 45 bellator 'cream of the crop'
yeah that's a pretty sweet offer. Too bad Bellator is being so unethical. "we feel it matches" fuck outta here
Bellator can' t possibly match that offer. should be an easy decision for the courts.
Holy shit. The UFC is obviously desperate for a lightweight title challenger.

Im glad Melendez wont be getting an immediate title shot. He doesnt deserve it after ducking Pat Healy twice.

More like they want to take away one of Bellators stars and will do anything to get him.
Gil would be getting the shaft if Eddie gets that title shot.
It should be Eddie Alvarez vs Josh Thompson for #1 contendership
Damn. This isn't even about needing/wanting Alvarez that badly. It's about screwing Bellator out of their most popular fighter now that they have a better TV deal. Either way, I'll be looking forward to his next fight.
Eddie should be third in line behind Gil and Pettis at best
Read the article people! It looks like Bellator matched the UFC offer and BEAT IT by $125,000 for a SpikeTV deal.

The PPV cut is a mislead since there needs to be a minimum of 200K buys for it to take effect.

Do the math...Bellator is guaranteeing a total package of $1.775 million dollars for 8 fights. Conversely, for Bendo to make $1.775 million dollars, at his current rate, he would need to fight and win 23 times in a row.
Well, Bellator can match the title shot aspect, and the theoretical ppv. I'm pissed as a Pettis fan though that he'd get an immediate title shot. He wasn't even Bellator's #1 and Pettis has now been offered the shot 3 times! I'm sure a lot of UFC fighters would be pissed when seeing this contract, especially the title shot aspect. Bendo was already pissed about the monetary terms.
It should be Eddie Alvarez vs Josh Thompson for #1 contendership

Fucking THIS.

Bjorn Rebney is becoming MMA's equivalent of Don King. Except without the million dollar successes.

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