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eBay - I'm Out

I sold a pair of rare skating shoes for 75 bucks after label and eBay fees I only got like 45 bucks pissed me off and never used again.

Damn... what the fuck? I haven't sold anything on Ebay since the early 2000's.... haha

But I sold my PS2 on auction for around $150 and I covered shipping (through work).

I made $140ish off it.... lol

What a concept
I always run a quick check on ebay when buying. Sometimes you can find the exact same item for much cheaper. Plus as the buyer, you have all the protections.
I did find some used parts for a Detroit diesel engine the other week on there, saved me $1500 from buying new, so I haven’t written it off completely.
I’m a full time eBay seller so I can offer some assistance. Check your shipping labels page on myebay to see what you paid for. If you didn’t use a label then you can request to void it and in a couple weeks you’ll get it back. Feel free to PM any more questions.

Why? I thought I'd sell some old stuff one day, cleaning out the basement. It's a major pain in the ass. Why would anyone want to do it full time?

Is it laziness? Issues with authority?
I buy a lot of vintage items from eBay. But I browse a lot to get the best deal. Often times the prices and shipping costs are outta hand.

Do all my selling on Facebook marketplace. Although that can get fucking annoying with the bullshit people message you with there.
I think I remember calling the hot line and just bashing 0 when prompted until they out me in with a rep. There were always very helpful.
Lol, no; cam gear, idler gear and exhaust valves. You got some hot deals on wrenches?!

I see, I shipped out a Detroit diesel obstruction wrench the other day. But yeah I Always have wrenches. I’m an SK dealer among many other brands (not truck brands obv).
What selling service one uses depends on what they're selling, they are all horrible and all great depending on the context.

Craigslist is great for stuff that has a huge pool of interested buyers
Amazon Marketplace is good for new and popular items
Ebay is good for niche and vintage/used items
I haven't used Ebay in years. I think they'll eventually disappear.
Man I remember selling off a huge chunk of my video game collection for quite a bit of money back in 2011 on Amazon and it was a breeze, print the shipping label, drop those bad boys in the mail and collect the paypal. Last time I checked to sell a couple years ago it's completely different, IRS cracking down on people making a living selling on there has fucked it all up I believe.
They are cracking down on eBay and other such sites in Europe due to tax so rather then have different rules for each country they are probably rolling the same shit out world wide.

They all will basically have to give the state all your info and all your purchases in order to make sure you pay tax on your “earnings”
use offer up or marketplace instead. ebay is dead.

for cameras specifically, I do a lot of that stuff, and it simply goes straight to mpb, they will give you a low offer, but looks like that's happening on ebay anyhow. Accept it, move on, life is too short. there's usedphotopro, bhphoto used, adorama used, keh, see who offers the best, but in my experience, it's mpb.