DVD Review: Global Jiu Jitsu -- Black Belt Workshop


Forever Noob
Jan 23, 2004
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So I ordered this a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to watching it.

As I beginner, I can say that I need to tighten up the basics before I try any of the things on the DVD. The sections I enjoyed the most were Juliano Prado's and Chris Smith's. The breakdown of the DVD is as follows:

Juliano Prado: 1/2 guard for MMA, plus more
Gustavo Froes: Chaining together armlocks from various positions
James Boran: Escaping the side mount position
Chris Smith: Open Guard Sweeps and attacks
Paulo "Jr" Gazze: Attacking the turtle position
Marcus Vinicius: Takedowns for BJJ/Judo. Gi chokes from top position.

Overall, it's a great DVD. It was filmed at a seminar so there's actually some questions in a couple of the segments from some of those in attendance.