Media Dustin thanks Khabib 'for another life lesson'.

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Deadwing88, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Sirwastealot

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    Massive respect. We have become so used to asshole shenanigans in recent MMA it's strange to see fighters being this nice and humble.

    Good to see dustin turn it around into a positive so quickly. He'll be back at the top.
  2. keeley

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    Mar 23, 2006
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    In no way do i think he is in the right, the same way Khabib and his crew tried to jump Cormier in his own gym because they're a bunch emo sensitive squirrels.

    Didn't he just give him the finger?

    I mean, this is "cage fighting" and you don't see anyone else jumping to cage to attack randoms besides Conor & Khabib.

    How is that "harassing"? I must have missed where we all became so sensitive to being boo'd or given the finger.

    It is so petty, that winning the title meant nothing.

    It is so petty, that he said "text me location" but then jumps the cage. Real tough hypocrite child.

    It is so petty,
    ... he didn't get off the bus,
    didn't do ANYTHING leading up to the fight,
    was the one that CAUSED this shit by surrounding Artem with other dudes,
    then went full hypocrite about the bus (as if he didn't just surround artem)
    and conor's behavior...
    blew any attempt at being humble by AGAIN being a hypocrite and handling it like a drunk child.

    Here is what I think,

    MAN UP.

    Sensitive little squirrels can't handle their ego being chirped from the crowd.
    Yet when Conor is two-feet away at a presser, Khabib does nothing. Many times.

    Could've got the belt wrapped,
    saved your money/fines,
    not risk people's safety working the event
    (no it isn't just "cage fighting" culture, people are staffed to work who do no physically fight in a cage)
  3. Poirierfan

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    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Lmao, fuck balloon foot.
  4. keeley

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    Mar 23, 2006
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    Weird flex, but okay.

    Dannis is a nobody, why would any CHAMP even bother getting caught up in fight with a NON-CONTENDER.

    What's next, Cormier attacks Diego Sanchez's yoga instructor because he flips him off ?

    Come on, this is emo behavior.
  5. Ogata

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    May 30, 2013
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    Take your own advice and you man up!

    It wasn't just a middle finger it was months of provocation behind it. If you apply deductive reasoning you realize:

    Conor starts shit with Alvarez, aldo, Diaz, siver.

    Meanwhile khabib has been cool and respectful with his opponents.
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