Dumau and Vulkam opinions?

Shooto Panama

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Apr 2, 2002
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Just found out another Japanese store (didn`t know about this one until a few days ago) that actually cares about gaijins and sell big GIs.

I understand Vulkan is related with Koral




Actually I like the Dumau model more than Vulkan but still some extra-opinions are welcome.
I like that dumau gi wonder if anywhere else besides japan sells it, the vulkan looks similar to the koral gi
if I'm not mistaken, Vulkan's have been around for a long long time. The name rings bells for me... dunno why :S

I'm not digging all the patches on the Dumau gi. The Vulkan is a lighter version of the Koral gi. I think the Koral gi is light already and can imagine how light the Vulkan is. PLus I like the cleaner design of the Vulkan. I wonder how much it shrinks.
The Vulkan is made by Koral. It has the same collar, but the gi material is much thinner and lighter. I have the white one. It's held up pretty well to use and is awesome in the heat. Because it's so thin and light, it's also a lot easier to grab. Mine shrank (they come a little oversized) to the size of my Koral (which didn't shrink at all).

The gi may seem familiar because it's what Telles wears.
Shinya Aoki is sponsored by Dumau.I believe Hayakawa is too.Aoki's legit,but he gets payed to wear them.
The Vulkan top is a lighter version of the Koral. The pant's aren't that great though. The black gi top is to busy, I would like if if I depatched it.

Very nice gi's. I like the black one alot, could use a few less patches though.
You guys want to complaint about patches?

Check Wanderlei Silva Koral Signature GI




Ron, do you carry depatched Gameness gi's? I had a Gameness gi but couldn't remove the chest patch because it was sewn in deep into the collar!
No, I just depatch them myself. I've been abel to remove the chest patch without much trouble in past.

I had to take mine to a drapery tailor because sewing the collar back after depatching broke my needles. I think leather makers have thicker needles as well. So, if I buy a Gameness gi from you, can you depatch em and sew the collar back so it doesn't come undone while training?
I'm considering the Vulkan gi as a backup, backup gi. Can someone tell me how much it shrinks? If it shrinks, does it come large so you shrink it to what its supposed to be?
Vulkan is a pretty traditional brand here in Brazil.