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Dual (two separate) mouthguards ?

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by zbulent1995, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. zbulent1995 Banned Banned

    Dec 30, 2016
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    Guys i wanna ask you do you think any mouthguard can be molded into your lower teeth since every mouthguard has written in the instructions that its for the upper teeth. I have REAL bad lower teeth and an upper mouthguard doesnt protect them enough.Currently i train boxing.

    If I can mold any mouthguard to my lower teeth then what do you suggest I should buy I thought about brain pad 3x layer/ or one of these Venum ones if i can order from Bulgaria at Amazon but if i cant ill order a shockdoctor(or another cheap one for 5$) cuz they are also made in Bulgaria too.
    For my upper teeth ill put my current 2.5$ cheap one that i have
    Also i cant get a custom one cause in Bulgaria theres literally no information about them (asked my local dentist and searched in google) and i cant affoard to spare more than 80$

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