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Drunk guy at judo


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Nov 10, 2005
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Well, title says it all pretty much. Theres a white belt who came to judo consistently for a couple of months or so, then he stopped comming which i wasnt to upset about as people had mentioned him smelling of booze on the mat (at the time i didnt think much of it as he hadnt behaved oddly, i figured he hadnt brushed his teath after a night out or had beer spilt on him or summin).
Anyway, last night he turned up reeking of alcohol. But this time he behaved oddly as well. As the session whent on it became more and more obviouse that he was actually drunk!
Somebody refused to go against him in randori but most laughed it off without saying anything.

I guess my question is, what would you do if you noticed someone was drunk? What if you only noticed half way through the session?
Have you ever been to a Saturday morning class?
Have you ever been to a Saturday morning class?
Wow, that's hilarious. I've yet to encounter some drunken grappling.
3 stages of my thought process:
1. Hilarious
2. Sad because the guy has a drinking problem
3. Dangerous because he is inebriated during a combat/grappling sport where he can hurt himself or others.
Wow, that's hilarious. I've yet to encounter some drunken grappling.

The funniest part was when he tried to talk another beginner through a osoto-gari. The other beginner was more experianced and just stood there with a big "WTF?" look.
No actually the funniest part was when did randori and just stood in a karate-kid like stance waiting for his opponent to attack.
Did your teacher know? If I were your Sensei I would have kicked his ass out and told him/the entire class no one is welcome to my class drunk.
I would see this back at the muay thai gym I used to go to, as far as grappling I've only encountered guys coming in stoned.
dang im shocked at readin this..

The only time i go to practice is when im completely and utterly wasted..

other wise.. whats the point?

People always talking about the reality of street fights.. WELL I TRAIN TO FIGHT IN THE STREETS... and when im in the streets.. im usually drunk.. so its the only way to train.. if you want to be prepared:D
sounds kinda funny to me, but ya Sat. morning classes have been rather rough every once in a while.
good old saturday morning classes...many a man has vomited during king of the mat lol
There's a drunk guy that hangs around our gym sometimes. He came in once and asks to take an intro while he was wasted.

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