Dropped about 15 pounds by cutting carbs should I try keto?

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by Deltafarce, Apr 1, 2019.

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    i was about 215 and just started eating a little healthier. I basically just went from a diet that was mostly carbs to mostly protein. I felt tons better didn’t get sick, had more energy... I was also doing intermittent fasting.

    I still have a little gut and was thinking maybe my body doesn’t react well to carbs. I was thinking of trying keto and actually being really disciplined about it and seeing what happens. Any advice ?
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    You'd be better off for the long term keeping a balanced diet where sugar is low but you eat some fibrous carbohydrates compared to pushing carbohydrate avoidance to an extreme. At the same time ramping up your cardio training and core strength work if you want more abdominal definition.

    Beans, legumes in general, fibrous starchy vegetables etc can all be great nutrition but keep simple sugar and non fibrous starches low (ie with beans and rice, load up on the beans, smaller portion of rice).

    Keep active and keep eating healthy, forever, but don't go down the rabbit hole of extreme or omission diets.

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