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Orange Belt
Mar 18, 2007
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I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but I find the large drop down on the main page pretty offensive. Not offensive in the same way a minority group individual would feel when a cracker drops a racial slur on them. Or that I find the ad crude in anyway, its a fine looking ad, and I'm sure it took someone all day to make that flash. Or they have a template. Either way, I come to this site everyday, all day at work, on the weekend, I enjoy the site. I don't feel like I should be subjected to a Toyota Yaris, horrid 728x270 ad.

I doubt Toyota will get one sale from having the Sherdog ad. People can deal with ad's nowadays, but these ad's that follow me around the page, or drop down suddenly when my mouse go over, are quite annoying.

HEY! GET A REAL AD. An ad that stays in its 729x90 spot. My mind is trained to block out that spot already.
i think if you actually pay for an account it's add free. something to think about if you're on here as much as you say
I'll have to look into that. Its hard to find where to look at the membership perks and signup page.
Click the close button and circle counter-clockwise.