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Down for the Count....


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Apr 16, 2009
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Still dont understand why anyone ranks this guy in the top 5, he has blown every shot at a big fight... and Stann isn't a huge win.
It's like he's allergic to title shots.
Bisping gets so damn close but just never performs his best in the biggest spots. Major props to vitor he looked great.
I like Bisping more as a character than as a fighter.

He's a UFC middleweight gatekeeper.

And nice and clever thread title TS.
Not a Bisping fan, but pure class in the post fight interview.
That's MW for you. If he had stayed at LHW he wouldn't even be top 10
Gatekeeper status for the remainder of his career.
Hope the questions about his chin have been answered tonight. He took some savage shots and didn't go out.
Don't know why I am posting in here. Likely will be deleted like the last 10 to 15 threads.
I think Bisping will become an excellent trainer in 10 years. He has an excellent technical acumen but, man does that guy hesitate. He is just too cerebral sometimes.
I'm glad he took the loss with some dignity, good stuff....
Bisping beats middle of the road fighters to get in contention and then gets beat by better fighters. Wandy, Belfort and Hendo
I feel bad for Bisping.

The UFC wants to give him a title shot but he can't deliver.

At least he's making plenty of cash
Hope the questions about his chin have been answered tonight. He took some savage shots and didn't go out.

He didn't take a single clean shot to the jaw, and if it connected I was afraid it was gonna hurt Bisping badly.
Bisping has 5 losses,

6 if you count Hammill..


He just can't beat an elite fighter..
[WITH_TEETH];78664731 said:
No, he does perform his best but Bispings' best isn't good enough to beat the top guys.

This. Bisping is to be respected. He has gotten as much out of his talent as possible i believe. He works his ass off and has the fighters spirit.. Just lacks the big talent of the greats..
They keep him in the picture because of all the english fans that watch because of him. Same reason why Dana wanted Cain as champ for the latino demographic.