Double Gum shields


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May 1, 2005
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Just wanted to know if anyone has a double gum shield, the brainpad style ones, and are they really better, do they restrict breathing at all?

Also, any good places in the UK to get them from?

I had a Brain Pad before. I did not like it. I had to take it out every five minutes to spit.

If you can afford it, get an Opro. You'll never need another mouthguard ever.
I order3ed my opro and three days later the Impression kit showed up..
Brainpad's are fine. I used one for years- no probs. I just got a DOPE mouthguard from my dentist though. Supacool and cheap!
Next time I go to the dentist, I will inquire about a mouthguard since I figure, worst case scenario, it costs a bunch of money and stick with my 10 dollar one from GI Joes. Best case...they make me one for cheap.
Do it. My insurance isn't that great or anything and mine was under 20 bucks and PRO quality.
mine wasnt coverd by insurance and they wanted 195$ for it.
Fucking medicaid won't cover for it. Make sure to ask for a sportguard because they might give you the ones that people use to go to sleep. I remember someone complaining that the guard was "too thin". It would cost me like 100 bucks for a mouthpiece. I got a fake tooth that I cant afford to lose again so I'll probably get a opro.
My opro came in yesterday and it is too tight. It rubbed my gums raw and hurts like a bitch. I didn't read the little pamphlet that warned about it and told me how to fix it. It's better now but my gums aretoo tender now to wear it.

After wearing it though I don't understand why people don't wear them when they fight. When I see peoples mouthguards falling out in the middle of a round I can't believe it. Why would you not have a custom mouthguard if you're a fighter? It will never po out of place, I have to two hand grab mine to pull it off.
Cheers for the replys, but i just need the gum sheild for sparring, so i don't think i will be getting an o pro just yet.

Anyone know a good place to get the double gum sheild in the uk?

Theres no point in me ordering it from the US, because the shipping would be more than the gum sheild!